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This selection of macrobiotic products is a first of its kind in India. Each product has its own story, which Shonali weaves into the tapestry of Macrobiotic goodness. Created with utmost care and brought to you after two years of testing.

Each unique recipe is prepared with pure ingredients to give your body the desired nutrients to heal you from within. Gut Smart & Plain Good. Shop Shonali’s exclusive range of products including Ghee, Beetroot Kanji, Pickled Beetroot, Pickled Cabbage and Masala Pickle.


Shonali’s sauerkraut range has come after really searching for the best way to make it more suitable for the Indian taste and palette-friendly. She wanted you to experience the benefits of Lactic Acid Bacteria (LAB) fermentation where all the diverse strains produced will help you fight off disease and keep all infections at bay. A lot of people do not understand that when we pickle something, we change its energies. The nutrients provided by the food get easily absorbed. In that, the nutrients become more ‘bioavailable.’ Order Shonali’s Pickled Beetroot, Pickled Cabbage and Masala Pickle.

Shonali’s Ghee

In her quest to seek and bring the finest ghee to you, Shonali stumbled upon this farm in Gulawat Madhya Pradesh. Where cattle graze free and each one is known by their name. Shonali sat and interacted with these wonderful desi Gir cows and was sold. You know if Shonali was to bring anything to you, she would do the research on how these cows eat as that’s what will give us superior quality milk to make the ghee. These Gir cows are fed highly vibrational food – their diet is adjusted according to the season and they are fed organic grass and food. They are milked only when ready and they yield A2 quality milk.

Shonali’s Kanji

Shonali’s learnings of over 20 years using the tenets of the Macrobiotic approach and the products that she has used with her clients to help them get better, made her want to come up with the right kanji for you. She found in her experience that fermented foods cannot be blanketed across people; each has its own uniqueness.

Shonali’s Time Tested Recipes

Shonali’s Time Tested Recipes

Pure Ingredients

Pure Ingredients

Food as Medicine

Food as Medicine

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