21 takeaways from 2020 for 2021

  1. KEEPING A ROUTINE – keeps me regular with food, sleep, workouts and working.
  2. AVOID CONVERSATIONS THAT CENTER AROUND NEGATIVITY -about the pandemic, politics or conspiracy theories; help staying positive.
  3. FOCUS ON THE SMALLER THINGS – one task at a time; makes me get through work faster.
  4. REST is a SUPPORT – helps me to value my relationship with resting and recovering.
  5. INCREASE THE QUANTITIES OF MY VEGETABLES – especially leafy greens; helps keeping my energy lighter and more buoyant.
  6. LEARN NOT TO SCRATCH IT – Pema Chodron the American Buddhist Monk taught me this, not to give in to a negative impulse (as Vipassana mediation does the same); observe and let the moment pass. Don’t ‘scratch’ and emotion, a response to any stimulus that begs you to do so.
  7. ENGAGE IN PLAY – getting in-touch with my inner child; helps me keeping it light and taking regular breaks from my work desk.
  8. INVEST MORE OF MYSELF IN RELATIONSHIPS – since this is the only intangibly ‘real’ stuff that will last and give back to me in the end (no selfishness here).
  9. SET BOUNDARIES BOTH PHYSICAL & EMOTIONAL – with work, people, family; helps me get centered.
  10. INNOVATE WITH WHAT I HAVE AT HAND – Come up with better and newer ways to do things with whatever is available. For e.g., build a home studio for Social media work.
  11. TAKE NATURE IN – walking in my garden barefoot, makes me connect to the Earth and sitting in the sun boosts my moods (apart from the fabulous Vitamin D – take of your shirt and do it in your sports bra; guys sit without your shirt and both genders wear shorts; if no one’s looking then chuddies).
  12. BREATHE DEEPER – not just from my chest; but from my belly and move my breath to areas that are tight to release that ‘prana’ to heal and relax.
  13. MEDITATE EVEN MORE – helped me plug my energy to that of the Universe and stay extremely calm, centered and in the NOW.
  14. HAVE IMMENSE GRATITUDE – for the smallest things; writing it down in a journal made me focus on how much abundance I have.
  15. LISTEN MORE TO MUSIC and DANCE free-form – just move; shook up all that energy and kept me happy.
  16. NOT STRESS ABOUT THE LITTLE THINGS – nothing matters more than the mind being calm during this time. If your house doesn’t get cleaned for a day – CHILL!
  17. TO CALL IT OUT – not to mince my words anymore and say it like it is to people that need to hear it, exactly like they should. There are many who need to trust me, your voice can wake them up to their own realities.
  18. DOING IT BETTER ON INSTAGRAM – helped in getting to know my customers better, and increased learning to build a wider reach.
  19. DIS-ENGAGE IN SOMEONE ELSE’S DRAMA – makes me connect with your own issues.
  20. KEEPING A DISTANCE FROM SOCIAL MEDIA – this frees up time, and makes you more focused on some of the real stuff at hand.
  21. MOVE ON moment-to-moment – We are not going to take it all with us, and we all will eventually exit taking nothing with us, as pessimistic as that sounds. I am tied to this thought all the time.
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