Shonali is a trained chef and has also trained to be an instructor in Macrobiotics. She combines these skills to extend knowledge to larger audiences through her workshops.

Shonali has conducted over 300 workshops across the Country for organizations, corporates, staff in hotel kitchens, women-centric workshops on various subjects ranging from hormone health, liver health, detox, weight loss, kidney health, gut health, self organ diagnosis, immunity, skin and hair health. Each workshop includes a lesson plan, learning objectives, talking points, hands-on activities, some involve cooking and handouts.

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As a group, corporate or individual you can request Shonali to design a workshop suitable to your needs to select a workshop from the options below:

Shonali ran a successful catering service for 9 years where she supplied Macrobiotic Vegan Meals to corporates, Bollywood stars, housewives, people with ailments. Her experience as a Chef led her to develop a Chef training program for the cooks of your household. She has run many workshops with domestic cooks, mainly in Hindi and English. You have the option to opt for a group or personal session.

Domestic Cooks Workshop

Train your home cooks with recipes from Shonali’s best selling books and more. In a group session conducted in Shonali’s kitchen, your cooks will learn:

  • Fermented foods and drinks to provide good gut bacteria
  • Antioxidant rich smoothies and juices
  • Probiotic-rich salads
  • Incorporating millets and whole grains in different ways
  • Stretching the legumes: going beyond the dal (high protein)
  • Collagen providing recipes: benefiting the hair, skin, nails and digestive lining
  • Sugar-free desserts
  • How to plan a balanced menu, keep it hygienic, not overcook, use oil and salt.
  • 4 hours over two days to cover 40 recipes (Ingredients provided by Shonali)
  • Class is conducted in Hindi and English
Private Cooking Lessons

Private Cooking Lessons

Shonali goes into your home to train the chef / homemaker / home cook on the following:

  • 20 healthy recipes to suit your diet regimen, across all food groups
  • Recipes that shall be customized to suit your dietary needs and meal plan
  • Chefs will learn menu planning, how to cook different whole grains, beans, vegetables, non-vegetarian if needed over different food format and cuisines
  • At the end, a health recipe booklet plan will be handed over with recommendations and tips on: menu plan for a week, Necessary recipes, sources for products/brands Ingredients to be supplied by the client, and a cutting list will be provided a day before to get dishes prepared by your home chef, to avoid wastage of time
  • Please note: Costing for commercial kitchens is different

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Shonali can deep dive into any topic that you wish and brings to her workshops takeaways that can be practically applied in the kitchen, and are translated to your table. Some of the workshops include:

Fermentation 101

Fermentation 101

Set up your home fermentation station along with an in-depth understanding of fermentation and what these foods do for your health.

  • Learn how to make fermented foods and drinks that provide good gut bacteria: sauerkraut, papaya kimchi, ACV pickle, kefir, tepache, kombucha and more.
  • Class is conducted over a 2 and a half hour session
Hair Health Workshop

Hair Health Workshop

Your hair and scalp say a lot about your health. Enroll in this workshop to learn:

  • What organs are responsible for hair health & how to nourish them?
  • What parameters in your body (hormones, pH, the gut, etc) affect hair health and how?
  • What foods work for hair health? & how to include them in your diet What home remedies work and for what types of hair?
  • Source list: on hair oils, hair loss remedies and how to incorporate these in your regime
Skin Health Workshop

Skin Health Workshop

Learn how to eat your way to fabulous skin. This workshop covers:

  • Why does skin age faster?
  • Foods that nourish the skin and those that you should avoid
  • Antioxidants and skin health
Hormonal Health Workshop

Hormonal Health Workshop

Hormones can greatly affect physical and mental wellbeing. You can learn to eat your way to healthy and balanced hormones. This workshop covers in depth:

  • What are the key stress and sex hormones?
  • What to eat to fuel them correctly?
  • Foods and lifestyle factors that trigger hormones in the wrong direction
Weight Loss Workshop

Weight Loss Workshop

Learn how to eat nutritionally balanced meals, that help you not only lose the fat but also keep it off. It is not about a fad or crash diet, it is about building a sustainable lifestyle that enhances fat burn but fuels your energy. Enroll in this workshop to understand:

  • Foods that help with weight loss
  • Portion and calorie control for meal planning
  • The importance of Gut health for weight loss
Gut Health Workshop

Gut Health Workshop

Your gut affects your entire body. Certain foods and lifestyle changes can boost your gut health naturally. A must for anyone looking to improve their overall well being. This workshop covers:

  • Foods that build good gut bacteria
  • Fermentation and its importance for gut health
  • How does leaky gut happen
Macrobiotic Cooking Class

Macrobiotic Cooking Class

Macrobiotics as an approach avoids foods that make for an imbalance in pH levels i.e., it seeks to achieve a balance between acid and alkaline blood condition and works towards creating strong immunity. Through this workshop you will learn:

  • What is Macrobiotics?
  • Why use food as energy?
  • Basic food groups we need and how to work with each
A Macrobiotic Ramdan

A Macrobiotic Ramdan

This workshop guides you on how to prepare for a good Ramadan:

  • The fasting process and its implications on our health
  • What foods help set up the foundation for the entire day and why?
  • Digestive fire: How to keep ‘gut’ health up during the fast
  • Foods that are a ‘must’ and foods you could avoid when you open a fast
  • Demonstration of 2 foods that could help the fasting process

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Padmaja Rai

"I took up Shonallii's deep detox course last year, and I was intrigued to sign up for the hair health workshop when I found she was holding one. She is an excellent structured teacher and covered detailed intricacies that maintain or deteriorate hair health. From explaining the basics to building up the foundation, she covered it all. It was an extremely helpful and insightful session. I look forward to attending many more"

Padmaja Rai, Hair Health Workshop

Workshop Participant

“I always thought diet food is sad food! But it was delicious.”

Participant, Weight Loss Workshop

Workshop Participant

"Main pehli bar healthy khana seekh raha hoon. Mujhe bahut achcha laga, madam ka banane ka seekhane ka tareeka."

Participant, Domestic Cooks Workshop

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