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Interested in improving your and your family’s health? Look no further! Each month, Mind Body Gyan will equip you with the tools to improve your health and build your immunity by using foods, lifestyle and mental health practices.

Shonali herself will take you through in-depth informative lectures, cooking tutorials, meditation practices and live Q&A sessions.

New sessions begin on the 1st of each month for MIND BODY GYAN.

July program includes:

  • Shonali's Course in Miracles: Using Food As Medicine (8 live sessions) where you will learn everything about using food groups to work for your gut and immunity. For detailed course program click here to download pdf.
  • 12 LIVE workout sessions by Shabana Sabherwal focusing on all parts of the body. This will be conducted live on Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 5 to 6 PM.
  • Yoga Nidra (5 different meditations) saved for you to access anytime during the month.
  • As a special offer for the introductory month, 11 bonus recipe demonstrations by Shonali.

All sessions will be available as recordings during the entire month, for you to review if you are unable to attend live.

The functional exercise program is designed and conducted by Shabana Sabherwal. Shabana has been in the fitness industry for the last 24 years and is a certified trainer in Super-Slow, Red Cord, TRX, Intensive Matwork Pilates, Barre Core Method and Functional training.

The Yoga Nidra sessions have been curated by Nicholas Waters, a Yoga teacher for over 13 years. He has a gentle, non-dogmatic, trauma-informed approach to his teachings. He believes in self-directed learning and intuition supporting his students to cultivate this with a warmth and permissive manner.

Cost for one month: ₹4300 (inclusive of taxes)


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So what are you waiting for? Join Shonali’s wellness community, MIND BODY GYAN now! Each month there will be new content and interactive sessions with Shonali that will help you in using food as medicine, eating for improved skin and hair, work on liver and gut health; along with a focus on mental health and more..

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"Dear Shonali, Your sessions have been an eye opener specially the one one vegetables. It's really changing the way I look at food. So, thank you for that."

Gagan Gambhir

"Hey shonali
As I always followed Ayurvedic and traditional eating I never thought that dairy could really harm! After all these sessions I do have a new perspective on food!! U must do these kinds of courses often!"

Shubhangi Singh

"I have been struggling with pain and inflammation in my body for a while now. After giving multiple forms of treatment a try, I started looking at how food and what I consume makes my body feel and behave. Exploring that further led me to the work Shonaali does and her programme on “ A Course In Miracles using Food As Medicine''. Her insight into understanding food and the food-body relationship has been amazing. Putting her knowledge into practice, I find myself better nourished, feeling lighter. Almost all of her suggestions are simple to implement and very doable. Deeply grateful!"

Rupali Vaidya

"I recently did a wonderful course on "Food as Medicine" with Shonali.
Her ability to explain, educate and empower us with knowledge was something that is very rare in a facilitator. Small tips and insights given by her have made me start to see my food and approach it in a very different light."

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