Deep Detox

Deep Detox 

Cleanse your gut with Shonali’s at-home Deep Detox  Ayurvedic kit!

All you need to do is sign-up for Shonali’s one day Deep Detox  and within 10-days you will receive a customized ayurvedic formulation prepared just for you. 

Get started on the journey to taking care of yourself and rid yourself of toxins this Spring.

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The ‘Deep Detox’ seeks to achieve:

  • 01 A complete gut cleanse.
  • 02 A complete liver cleanse.
  • 03 Flush out toxins 
  • 04 Help you reset your system.
  • 05 Make you feel lighter.
  • 06 Make you deal with your health condition better.

Before you sign-up, please read what the Deep Detox  charges include: (1) Arrive at a formulation that works for you: This is done in a meeting I have (not with you) between me and my Ayurvedic doctor, the meeting is based on the answers to the questions when you register [fee charge for my time and the Ayurvedic doctor's time] (2) Co-ordination charges of my team to organize the Deep Detox formulation for you (3) Cost of formulation & courier charges. The Deep Detox does not include a private consultation with Shonali.

For delivery of the Deep Detox formulation, cost of Shonali's consult for your formulation with Ayurvedic doctor, Ayurvedic doctor consult charges, plus courier charges within India: ₹6,050 (all inclusive)

Charges: ₹7,260 plus courier charges as per actuals.
*For residents outside India submit a query by sending an email to or whatsapp 9820431224, with your postal address and phone number to calculate courier charges.

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For detailed information on Shonali’s one day Deep Detox

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For additional details on Why Do A Deep Detox?

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The Deep Detox is included in Shonali’s Strengthen, Repair and Revitalize consultation packages to get you started on your wellness journey.

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