Why do a deep detox? 

Spring is here yay!! My favourite month of the year, also because it’s my birthday month; also, because it’s the month of my favourite organ: the liver, and my favourite season ‘Spring’ when everything’s buzzing and happy. This is also the time for a detox of any kind. Be it a raw detox, cooked detox, or then a deep detox which I do with a customized Ayurvedic preparation under the supervision of an esteemed Ayurvedic doctor. Ayurveda recommends a detox once in 3 months, and let’s delve into what the deep detox does.

Why do a detox?

All diseases start in your gut, this is your initial trigger. The gut is always under stress; and once in 3 months a gut cleansing will bring it to a default-setting mode, so a deep detox positively impacts all other organ systems. Detoxes also prepare you for the next season.

The ‘Deep Detox’ seeks to achieve:

  1. A complete gut cleanse.
  2. A complete liver cleanse.
  3. Flush out toxins from all your organs and system.
  4. Help you reset your system.
  5. Make you feel lighter.
  6. Make you deal with your health condition better.

What will my deep detox involve?

Once you register, and complete formalities: 

  1. You will be given a set of questions to answer (assessment form).
  2. Your condition will be analysed (by me and my Ayurvedic doctor).
  3. Within 10 days of registering, you will be sent a customized Ayurvedic preparation.

How does a deep detox un fold on the day detox?

  1. It’s a one-day detox, with an ayurvedic preparation, that will be customized for you after you fill up the client assessment.
  2. Nothing is to be consumed before taking the preparation you have received.
  3. Wake up at 6 am and dissolve 5the preparation teaspoons of the paste/powder in warm water.
  4. Drink the mix.
  5. Don’t lie down, but either sit upright or walk around.
  6. You may feel nausea.
  7. You will start going to the loo, to evacuate bowels.
  8. This maybe up to 5-7 bowel movements.
  9. When only water is passed out, you are done.
  10. At this time, you can eat the first meal which is kichari, made with yellow moon dal and vegetables.
  11. You may experience some bowel movements again.
  12. In the evening, you can do a regular cup of tea or green tea or herbal tea.
  13. At 6 pm have the second meal, which is the same kichari.
  14. You are done for the day.
  15. You may not get a bowel movement the next day, this is normal. 

How do you register? Please send us an email: contact@macrobioticsindia.com

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