This post doesn’t need any explanation or a build-up. And hence let’s go straight to most common mistakes that one does while on a diet.

Here we go-

 1. Saying No to grains but not starches

Starch is a very complex food molecule, comprised of very long strands of hundreds of monosugars that are very difficult to break down. Hence for good results grains along with starch should be eliminated.

2. Not taking a probiotic

While on diet, taking a probiotic is not an option, it is a must!

To avoid the problem of probiotic label fudging, make sure the brand selected is reputable and can deliver the results you need.

3. Consuming No grain- flour

You definitely ditch the white flour and what four when you are on a diet and switch to healthier options such as coconut flour or almond flour. But eating too much of both leads to gastric distress and causes inflammation.

4. Using a small fork

Another mistake you make, thinking you will eat less obviously with a small fork. But according to a study People who used a small fork ate 12% more.

5. Avoiding healthy fats

Omega-3 fats are a part of the brain’s building blocks. Lack of healthy fats can weaken your brain and can cause your brain function, including memory to deteriorate.

6. Not including exercise

When you are not exercising, you are relying on your diet alone. By exercising as part of your diet regime, this will allow you to eat more of the things you like and still lose weight.

7. Distorted Meal Portions

Unfortunately a lot of us eat bigger portions than we need, even when we’re dieting and eating healthily. When serving up your meals, your hand can be a great way to measure your food intake.


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