Kids Nutrition in their lunch box 

Make sure one component of the lunch box is always a good complex carbohydrate coming from a whole grain like a brown rice or millet. The benefits from whole grains are sustained sugars from a food source for 8 hours-causing your child to bring down their cravings and ‘grain gain’ for your child’s brain (energy). Plus, the insoluble fiber for the ‘good gut bugs’ and food for the microorganisms that live within your child’s gut (probiotics) – here are some ways to use these in different formats. 

Working with a ‘whole grain’ the most important aspect in your child’s lunch box 

  • You can make brown rice cutlets/croquettes, including carrots and sweet potato such that you are making it have a visual impact (great to camouflage brown rice for kids)
  • Brown rice or millet balls can be made, and rolled it sesame seeds (black or white and use sweet potato to bind together) use a nice homemade ketchup
  • You can make these grains complete with 3 vegetables chopped into it, mixed with sprouts and it becomes a complete meal. This can also be made poha style (using rice flakes made savoury).
  • Stir-fried brown and white basmati mixed with veggies
  • Brown rice fingers add veggies (made rectangular) pan fried
  • Sourdough bread sandwich with tofu (vegetarians)/turkey (non-vegetarians) and veggies 

Why Sourdough bread? 

Your child does not need commercial bread with synthetic yeast; but bread made with naturally occurring yeast/bacteria in the atmosphere, which is beneficial for their good gut bacteria.

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