Oxygenation via a Body Scrub how it helps

The skin is the largest organ after your microbiome. Each square cm of skin may have up to 600 sweat glands, 20 blood vessels, 2000 melanocytes and over a thousand nerve endings. Among many functions of the skin are protection, sensation, heat regulation, excretion of sweat and water resistance (to keep nutrients from washing out of your body). Your skin is connected to your capillaries, main arteries, veins and through them your circulatory system, which is discharging toxins all the time, we don’t see them, but they are very much there. Your skin also represents the lung and large intestine, and their health is reflected on your skin as well. 

The body scrub is a health and beauty practice that has been around since ancient times and is an integral part of the macrobiotic approach. It’s kind of like doing a ‘self-abhyanga’ in Ayurveda. It helps give the skin a good detox. Except it’s done with a cotton cloth and warm water. The difference also is that the abhyanga method uses oil, and toxins from a tissue level are pushed into the digestive system to be eliminated. While in a body scrub, discharge or toxins are eliminated out of the pores. Both methods help shake up the lymphatic system. The idea is to shake the toxins at a tissue left (and much below the skin surface) and help them eliminate. It achieves much more than a normal bath would. It helps the body eliminate unwanted toxins lurking around, and also align ourselves with the universal energy or nature. 

Foods such as saturated fats from dairy and meats, and eggs clog up your skin, preventing the passage and elimination of both moisture and oil through your pores. If excess fat is sent back into your circulatory system through the blood vessels, detoxification becomes harder. Also, soaps, perfumes, body creams are chemically based and tend to clog up your skin pores. 

Body scrubs help to activate blood circulation as well. They exfoliate your skin, sloughing off dead skin cells, rubbing away hard, flaky skin and also help pull out the discharge that is to release through the pores (that is toxins). A body scrub can be very invigorating, as it improves blood circulation, helping also to fight cellulite and improve skin tone. It is one anti-ageing secret that keep you feeling beautiful all the time. 

It also ensures the smooth flow of energy in all the pathways of the body; the internal organs also get a good massage; normally there is no way of stimulating them. However, because a body scrub helps clean up meridian lines on the surface of the skin that are connected to all organs, the organs also get a massage. 

Here is how you do it 

Take a small tub and fill it with hot water (as much as you can bear in temperature), or do it with hot running water under the shower. Take a cotton washcloth (face towel size). Dip the cloth in the hot water; squeeze excess water (technique: folding your washcloth into quarters, and wringing the water by holding the edges and dipping the middle of the washcloth in water, helps you to hold the washcloth so that you avoid getting burnt by the hot water). Rub skin vigorously (pressure is as much as you can bear), wetting the cloth once you finish one area of your body. E.g., if you take one arm, then wet cloth again and do the other arm. Move on to each part of the body. This includes buttocks, back of the neck, behind ears, in-between the toes, each finger, soles of your feet (as some meridian lines end here). Don’t forget the face—focus on joints as maximum discharge gathers around the joints. Scrub each part till it turns pink. Breathe deeply when doing it. 

Scrub well, till your skin feels good and you feel invigorated. The colour of your water may change colour. After the scrub, your body will be pink and have a pleasant feeling. Within a month of doing a body scrub, you will feel different and see a definite improvement in your skin tone, smoothness, the skin retaining moisture, and no longer dry. Make it a part of your daily routine. 

Tip: I sit on a stool after I finish using soap and do my body scrub. I have been doing it since 2006. 

You will begin to feel- 

  1. Lighter
  2. More energetic
  3. Sleep better
  4. Improvement in muscle tone
  5. Glow in your skin
  6. Have a spring in your step
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