Burn out epidemic! 

A common ailment that people show up with at my clinic, is with ‘burn out.’ It is rampant today more because of social media, the need to check our phones (e mails, messages, social media pages) more often, than we actually need to. In short, in today’s World we do not know when to stop. Burn out will almost always impact your kidneys, and could have different physical manifestations. Feeling exhausted all the time-emotional and physical, sleeplessness, constant irritation, being cynical, low immunity (which means constant allergies, colds), breathlessness accompanied by anxiety, drifting towards stimulants: alcohol, coffee, sugars. 

I love the fact that Arianna Huffington, founder and CEO of Thrive Global and founder of The Huffington Post, has written a book on Sleep. She has taken on a new mission to talk about stress and burnout. She talks about the belief that burnout is a price most people pay for success; but this is a delusion. She emphasizes the need for sleep as we age, and the dangers of sleep deprivation. Do read this article if you are more interested: https://bit.ly/2KRsFaq 

Here are 10 ways to fix it –

  1. Address the stressful factor(s) in your life
  2. Reach out to a psychologist to work with
  3. Take some time off work to re-wire the mind
  4. Sleep, exercise and fix your diet (stay away from sugar and stimulants)
  5. Reach out to a pranayama teacher or meditate (set the intention for your day)
  6. Hang with some good friends (connect socially)
  7. Go on a digital detox (fix a realistic time-frame) and don’t take your phone or ipad to bed
  8. Colour, paint, dance, play with kids/pets
  9. Include a whole grain: brown rice/millet at 1 meal (sustained sugars and brain health)
  10. Inhale the outdoors: Oxygenate
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