How to look outside the box?

Despite taking the conventional route, you can help the body fight back in various other ways; here are a few. Please tag a friend on this post to spread the message, if you feel it could help someone else. The goal has to be to aid detoxification through the various pathways, restore the body’s natural defense mechanisms, including boosting the immune system. If this is done, the body will start coping differently with the generation of new cancer cells, and that’s what the aim of a remission program should be.

  1. Question your diet – Your diet has various triggers, i.e., foods that will keep acidic blood condition in which cancer cells thrive; for e.g., dairy happens to be one of them. Also add foods that will help you fight the cancer, keeping your blood condition towards being in acid-alkaline balance. You can do this by working with a health practitioner (like myself) who works with cancer
  2. Use Adaptogens – these encompass a wide variety of different natural medicines from all over the World that are safe and have a balancing effect on one of the main axis of the brain (HPA – hypothalamic-pituiatry-endocrine-axis). You need this axis working well for immunity functions and to boost the endocrince system (hormones) for e.g., basil (tulsi) is an adptogen. However, again you need someone like a good Ayurvedic practitioner who knows how to use these for your cancer.
  3. Using superfoods that help produce more the T and B cells to help the body fight the cancer cells
  4. Use antioxidant therapy – you need someone who has knowledge, not just of the basic antioxidants; but someone who knows which antioxidant impacts cancer cells specifically (there are many). For e.g., certain antioxidants turn off the cancer expression gene, and create energy
  5. Use estrogen clearing agents in foods—in the case of breast cancer, and strengthening the microbiome to facilitate the process of clearing toxins
  6. Questioning emotions – Cancer is a discharge of also huge unresolved emotions, and people have to work these out of their system. This means they need to talk to someone like a psychotherapist and ‘let go’ of any grudges and resentments they may be harbouring
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