Here is a comprehensive list of cancer – fighting foods: 

From a Macrobiotic perspective when it comes to cancer, our goal as practitioners is to ‘starve’ the cancer cells of foods they like, and feed them the foods the absolutely loathe. 

Include – 

  1. Whole grains: millets and brown/red/black rice
  2. Vegetables: All, stress leafy greens. Eat Crucifers these include: cabbage, cauliflower, Brussels sprouts, broccoli, turnip, radish (red and white), Bak choy, and leafy cabbage (Chinese and Napa cabbage and – they have the greatest ammount of phytochemical molecules; mainly glucosinolates known to release two compounds which show anti-cancer activity. 

Tip: Do not overcook for people when they have cancer, as it will destroy the powerful healing compounds of these vegetables; as some of them are sensitive to heat. So, adopt lighter cooking styles. 

3. Include onions, garlic, chives and leeks. 

Tip: Ever wondered why we crush garlic or chopped onions, yes ease of making them; but also, they release of powerful molecules: allicin- basically coming from the allium family, known to prevent many cancers and fight them. Garlic is potent enough, to ward off cancers caused by an exposure to nitrites coming from (which come from food additives). 

Stay tuned for more on cancer fighting foods in my future blogs, this is not the complete list there’s much more to come! And if you have cancer, and would like to know more, contact me on +91 9819035604 or write to me on: shonaalii@macrobioticsindia.com

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