Cultivating Gratitude in daily life –

I really truly understood the power of gratitude during my many Vipassana courses, were we naturally plug into the universal energy and realize the value and power it has over us. The word itself is derived from the Latin word gratia, which means grace or gratefulness. It is a thankful appreciation for what we receive in our lives – seen or un-seen. We accept the goodness in our lives, and acknowledge something larger than ourselves and self-created egos. 

Gratitude builds positivity, makes you equanimous (balanced without judgement), makes you happy, releases serotonin, releases negativity in relationships and makes you open to invite more into your life, increases physical health quotient, improves psychological health, enhances empathy, improves self-esteem, makes you a kind person, makes you less materialistic, more spiritual, gives you increased energy and make you forgive easily. It’s like ‘auto positive suggestion for your brain’ it puts you in positive gear. 

Here is how I do it? 

  1. I meditate for an hour daily, thanks to my Vipassana practice, no judgement and no negativity.
  2. I give thanks to all that I have in my life (after meditation). This includes all of you.
  3. I keep a blessings journal and write at least 5 good things that happen to me daily.
  4. I use prayer as a form of gratitude daily – and send vibrations to everyone around me.
  5. I connect with something other than my day, chores and work: like rescue a dog which is something that is makes you realize you are small in the larger scheme of things. 

Thank you for reading this blog!

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