Food combining – While following a whole grain, legumes and vegetable format works, with the Macrobiotic approach, it’s a good thing to know the principles of food combining – specially for people with sensitive tummies and those that are on a weight loss approach. Usually those with sensitive tummies have an over-growth of yeast (candida) in their gut, and those who are bloated and can’t seem to lose weight. So in order to get your tummy back on track and lose the bloated-ness you need to do 2 things. 

  1. Stop feeding the yeast with yeasted products like bread, wine, processed/packaged foods with yeast, cakes, biscuits, all baked products, dairy (which keeps the gut damp and let’s yeast thrive).
  2. Learn the principles of proper food combining. 

When you start making good food combinations – three things happen 

  1. Lesser putrefaction in the stomach, therefore lesser bad bacteria floating around and tendency to develop candida.
  2. Stronger digestive systems and remember the colon is a reflection of your mind!!.
  3. Weight loss for sure – as the chance of you developing toxins decreases, you store less fat and lose the bloated feeling. 

1. Eat protein with green and non-starchy vegetables – as mentioned earlier, greens benefit the liver where protein is metabolizes, so they are necessary for optimum utilization of protein in your body. For e.g., fish with steamed, stir fried or sautéed greens or saag; chicken with leafy green vegetables or vegetable soup (non-starchy vegetables). 

2. Eat whole grains and starchy vegetables with non-starchy vegetables – All grains assimilate better when eaten with non-starchy or low starch vegetables (each starch has a different digestion time). For e.g, you can do a brown rice with red pumpkin (bhopla) vegetable and greens. But if you did potato salad (high starch), then do it with a leafy green salad and vegetable soup. The greens are a must here!. 

3. Fats and Oils – are best used with greens and low starch vegetables – never combine high fats with protein like, as it delays the secretion of hydrochloric acid needed to digest the protein. so meats which are high in saturated fats will go best with a green vegetables or no starch vegetables – broccoli, cauliflower, carrots, green beans. 

4. High-fat proteins: cheese, milk, nuts, yogurt and avocado go well with green and non-starchy vegetables, but also with acidic fruits. Dairy foods come in this category – if you are to drink milk do it by itself as a food group or with greens again, so if you make a creamy salad dressing add a generous dash of green herbs like parsley, dill and mint to assimilate better. 

5. Fruits must be eaten on an empty stomach – First thing in the morning – acidic fruits (sour) can be combined with yogurt (if you do it) like strawberries or kiwi. Fruits digest first before anything else, therefore clubbing them with anything else will pose a problem always. Indians use a lot of tomatoes, and they assimilate better when a green is thrown in, so consider making tomato based curries and adding coriander or select a low-starch vegetable and add to it like carrots.

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