Can you heal yourself and the universe – Yes you can!

Let’s look at a paradigm, actually one that already existed a long time back in India discovered by Gautama Buddha, and the many Indian sages termed ‘reality’ as ‘maya’ or ‘illusion.’ Being a student of Vipassana meditation. For 24 years now, and learning the same technique that the Buddha used and taught to gain enlightenment, I never in my wildest dreams thought I would experience this in reality. But once you are on the path of Vipassana, you ‘understand it,’ ‘see it,’ ‘experience’ it and then ‘live it’ with no ego attached to it. Vipassana is personally experienced wisdom. 

What I am talking about is intangible, not measurable; except in your own experience of it. ‘Consciousness’ is the larger force here, governing our lives at all times. ‘Consciousness’ would be the ‘energetic field’ (yours being specific to you) where all thought, sense, experience, impression, action, interaction plays out. Even all of quantum physics suggests that at the very core of the physical-world there is a completely non-physical realm, we could call it vibration, information, or probability. This is what universe at its very core is all about, and this is what we at our very core are all about. The entire universe is nothing but vibrations, this is what the Buddha discovered years ago, through self-study. ‘Sabbo pajjalito loko, sabbo loko pakampito’ which in Pali (language of the Buddha) means the entire universe is nothing but combustion and vibration. 

What does your mind have to do with it?

As S.N. Goenka explains it with the Vipassana framework: You are basically a form with your four parts of the mind. The first part of the mind is vinyana = consciousness, its job is to cognize, our six separate sense doors have their own consciousness (ear, eye, nose, taste, body, mind); second is sanya = perception, its job is to recognize. Let’s say a word comes into contact with your ears, a sound is recognized and evaluated (based on past and current belief systems/conditionings) as good or bad; the third is vedana = sensation  is felt, there is a flow of vibrations (which on good or bad based on the valuation),  fourth is sankhara = motivation/reaction of the mind, its job is more dynamic – a reaction (which keep getting repeated), this is where cause is created to have effect. 

We carry Sankharas in Pali same as Samskara in Sanskrit; which refers to all mental dispositions, which are formed volitionally, and these impact future volitional actions. So, if we were to sum up all our volitional mental dispositions, we need to have positive ones. A mind that is in craving and aversion constantly is choosing to adopt a volitional mental disposition of unwholesome vibrations. If the mind is perfectly balanced, the vibrations are good. It is your intellect part of the mind is the one that issues warnings towards a stimulus (Sanya part of the mind). Like my mother watches the news constantly, and is reacting to everything that is being put out by the media, as are all of you; generating an aversion to disturbing news and this is her volitional mental disposition at this time. I told her today, if you can try and see things as they are I instead of reacting, just observe (very hard to do I know), the mind remains and observer, but does not engage with a thought, you are volitionally not creating a new sankhara of aversion. 

We are bombarded by huge amounts of information, we process it, as our sense organs absorb it, we eliminate some of it; but most times under the current circumstances we react to this information by generating craving — pleasant ‘attached’ emotions or aversion – negative ‘attached’ emotions. Essentially, you are choosing to create your own world, my mother’s world is that of reaction and aversion; causing her unhappiness; while mine is happy – neither craving nor generating aversion; simply observing, not engaging in outside stimuli at this point. 

All that we are is the result of what we have thought. The mind is everything.
What we think we become.

In essence, create our own reality. Of course, you are a small part of the larger universe, so around you at least you can be that change, the positive change; by being in the moment and not choosing negative thoughts. Your attitude and thoughts are everything, and that’s all there really is. 

If at the core of the universe is vibration, information, or probability and this is what we at our very core– then the universal energy and you are indeed one unified energy. So, then you are connected to all the vibrations of the universe, and people in it: be they dense, positive, negative dark, happy, or sad. Everything out there with the same frequency that you vibrate at, will be reflected back to you. By accepting responsibility — it’s the first step to change this around for yourself and vibrate at a higher consciousness, and with those that also want the same reality like you – that of love and happiness (I hope). 

So, we first need to have intent to create whatever we want; we would like to stop this attachment to craving and aversion, or addiction to our emotions While the Western model posits ‘don’t judge’ and be honest about what your desires really about. It’s difficult to practice this in real life, as we go back to our old ways very quickly. But the bottom line is, by making ourselves peaceful and choosing peace and love over negativity and fear, we intend to rise above the negative vibrations of the universe at this time. 

My intention with this blog is for you to choose peace, love, gratitude, health for the planet; instead of plugging into being fearful about the virus, or what will happen to you tomorrow. Choose ‘now’ as its only here and now you have any control over, choose a positive mindset, generate compassion. These vibrations are what you should plug into and pour them out to the universe and people around you.

Be happy!

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