The cause stated by most research for why PCOD occurs is not known. However, this is not good enough for a Macrobiotic practitioner who considers all the events that caused a particular health im-balance. For all those of you dealing with PCOD you know your hormones are out of balance, but what got you there in the first place? I feel if I answer this question, then maybe you will be able to reverse your PCOD, which I have done successfully with many of my clients. Why is it that more and more teens, girls in their 20’s and 30’s are afflicted with this syndrome? There are reasons!

The ovaries in shape look like eggs, in Macrobiotic parlance they are round to oval, compact and concentrated ‘yang’ energy. They get hurt with the foods that carry the same energy; so naturally eggs will hurt them, as will animal foods, anything that brings in the same energy. Then, why would dairy foods also be a culprit? Dairy is ‘yin’ in its energy not ‘yang.’ Here I bring in how women with PCOD are hurting themselves even before this condition has hit them. The common thread that runs between all PCOD cases, is women have erratic food habits and they swing between ‘yang’ and ‘yin’ foods over a long period of time. So on one hand they are eating eggs, meats, junk (absolutely dense) foods and on the other they are consuming dairy foods, coffee, tea, alcohol and sugar. Over a period of time, with the pressure of their lifestyles they develop a condition which hurts their endocrine system, the sex and stress hormones lose their ability to sync themselves together and then the hormones are thrown out of whack and lo! you have PCOD.

With all my clients I have seen adopting a ‘middle path’ as I call it; wherein we bring in whole grains, legumes, vegetables, some fruit, sea vegetables, good quality enzymes via fermentation we normalize this erratic eating of foods and patterns, and over a period of four months the condition starts receding and hormones normalize. You can start by keeping of the dairy, eggs and meats and not yo yo between these and the simple sugars (which includes refined carbohydrates), alcohol, coffee and tea (which would keep insulin levels under check as well).

Women who are healthy, should have normal menstrual cycles, anything that interferes with this is a sign of imbalance. This is the first reaction from your body saying ‘hey pay attention to me, you are doing something wrong.’ You are not meant to have acne, facial hair, pelvic pain, weight gain and anxiety. So if you are there at the moment, then you put yourself there and only you can get yourself out with the right foods. I feel understanding what put you there in the first place is a good start.


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