At its peak at the moment, the health revolution is burgeoning and going to make more sick people than healthy people. Why do I say this? For a couple of reasons; first, ‘buzz words’ are being used loosely: like if something is ‘gluten-free’ its healthy; not true, for some who suffer with Irritable Bowel Syndrome IBS. While kombucha is being touted as a alternative healthy beverage, it has some sugar, and may again further increase a condition of dysbiosis amongst many people with gut issues.

Unfortunately laws in our country are not tight enough. We need only an FSSAI license as manufacturers of food products to sell them and if we so desire get our nutritional labels tested. The laws for health products are not in-place; therefore if a product was to sell as gluten-free; and had to mention a caveat saying ‘Not suitable for those with severe gut issues,’ a whole new test would have to be put in-place analyzing ingredients that would set-off someone with gut issues.

Similarly, if a product that says it has a sugar alcohol like a keto sugar (erythritol) it can cause digestive issues; yet no keto product says this, specially those being made by e bakers of keto products in the Indian scenario. DANGEROUS!

There are many heath experts also endorsing such brands, without really going into their history and ingredient-list and just blanketing out these products to their customers. In such a case, do take the time to research the product and not
just blindly follow the health expert.

So I would like to take a moment to caution you. How would you know your products are genuine?

  1. Read the certifications the product has gone through
  2. Know your brand, research them and what they stand for
  3. Middle of the nose Represents the stomach, and the upper part the condition of the pancreas
  4. Research your product, and know what you want and how it could affect you
  5. Read and re-read their ingredient list
  6. Don’t just go by the package
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