I get asked by my clients many times, what secrets do I have to make my skin glow. I must say this in my defense, I actually have no secrets. I am an open book when it comes to my knowledge on food, and how I have used it to better my health. So this blog is dedicated to letting you know exactly what I have done over the years.

DISCIPLINE has permeated every aspect of my life. I started a CLEAN campaign on myself pretty much in my 20’s. I removed foods that would cause for an im-balance in my pH. When I finally took the Macrobiotic path, dairy, sugar, white refined flour (maida), processed foods, foods with preservatives went out of my diet. I worked hard on restoring my body’s pH levels and resolving a candida-ridden gut. This meant being on a plant-based approach and including whole grains (brown rice, millets), vegetables, legumes, lots of good quality fermentation, nuts/seeds, fruit and some antioxidants (which I mostly got through food).

Movement and exercise to oxygenate has also been an integral part of my life, whenever I am in the pool swimming, I think of how blessed I am to create this safe haven for myself. I have indulged in yoga, swimming, skipping, walking and strength training from when I was in school. I think it comes from my dad, who I saw doing it every day of his life. This activity has to become like wearing your underwear in the morning, you just can’t forget it.

Detoxes have also been a once a year phenomenon in my life. At least once a year before March I start detoxifying. I start eating lighter foods, more juices and smoothies; 30 percent raw and 70 percent cooked and it changes with the extreme heat in Summer to a 50:50 approach. Fermentation becomes a cornerstone of what I do. So at least 5 fermented products a day: these range from kombucha, kefirs, beetroot kanji to sauerkraut and quick pickles. I feel for good skin, re-inoculating the gut constantly with good bacteria is absolutely essential. My book The Detox Diet has many recipes to help you along.

At least once in 2 years I go through a panchakarma treatment for 5 weeks, I do this in the Kerela style of Ayurveda at The Arya Vaiday Chikitsalayam in Coimbatore. It’s intense, but they really know how to bring the body back into balance. Detoxification happens at the tissue and cell level, which is simply needed in our urban lives. Sometimes a snehapanam technique of detoxification is involved, and dhaara-pizichil treatment.

I have never smoked, and I always use a sun block. Recently research points out to Advanced Glycation End Products (AGEs) these are basically protein and lipids that become glycated because of their exposure to sugar. Basically a build up of AGEs will AGE you for sure, and the above practices have helped me stay away from this.

No face cream, serum, cleanser can work unless blood condition is in balance, and the gut healthy. What you are on the inside, manifests on the outside and the skin being the largest breathing organ, it is the first place something will show up.

Good luck with happy skin!

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