What is involved in a Macrobiotic Consult?

I spend a lot of time with each of my clients and since I only do one consultation a day, I give the person on the other end enough time. My diagnosis skills kick in the moment a client enters and meets me for the first time. A structured evaluation booklet which has questions regarding their eating patterns, foods, illness [if any], pains, give me a history on their physicality and a status of their organs. Every part of the body corresponds to an organ and its current state, so while I give you the starting point as the face; I can look at your toes and bunions and tell you if your diet was rich in saturated fat as a child, and whether you eat a lot of chicken and meats. This happens because the body cannot process certain types of foods, and they have a way of accumulation in certain areas of the body (like your bunions are a result of too much saturated fat and chicken). Sounds corny, but it’s true. Another example pimples are your body’s way of eliminating foods consumed in excess, if they are around your eyelids, they indicate an elimination of protein, fat and sugar caused by the overconsumption of fruit and animal foods, Even the way your mother ate during her pregnancy with you is written on you, for example eyelids that are swollen and red or purple indicate excessive intake of fruits, sugar and other sweets, soda, soft drinks, alcohol and stimulants. This is just a glimpse into how I diagnose, I of course look at a whole lot more going on.

A Macrobiotic diagnosis

Then, the next step is diagnose the health of your organs via the meridian lines (Chinese system) or nadis (Indian system). The basic assumption of Eastern philosophies is that all life contains energy known as prana in Sanskrit or chi in Chinese medicine. And the health of any organism is a fine interplay of this energy, Shiva and Shakti, yin and yang, or the mind and body; or both. When these energies are balanced, the body will be healthy. Within the human body, these energies flow along a network of channels or lines (nadis or meridinas). In the Yopga tradition, there are said to be 72,000 nadis. Each has a specific function and energy that it deals with. 

Every organ has its own meridian line, and these meridian lines get blocked with bad foods, lifestyle and disease – my job as a health counselor in this approach is to interpret the cause of a block, and advise recommendations, food and lifestyle adjustments accordingly. For example the webbing between your thumb and pointer finger has a point of the large intestine meridian called LI4 if I press it correctly and you exhibit pain, it is an indication that there is something going on in your stomach, and the texture of it will give me an indication of the muscle tone in your intestines. 

Once I know where to look and how the organs are functioning, I can make sound recommendations based on what’s causing the imbalances within your body, so you start looking good. So, go get a mirror and start your own facial diagnoses. The macrobiotic approach to look beautiful in every way is based on how you function as a whole, and is unlike modern approaches which uses tools to take away your problem from the surface only. As a counselor in this approach, my job is to see how your organs are pulling together and giving you that gorgeous face, great hair, a fabulous body, and that ‘vitality’ I am talking about. 

Example of diagnosing your face

  • The area above the eyes, under the eyebrows, tends to sag and wrinkle, or become puffy and loose due to bad eating habits. Many women prefer to get a botox treatment to cure the problem when in reality, eating a balanced diet will stop the skin from sagging, and keep it supple, smooth, and youthful.
  • The most common condition which people blame lack of sleep for is puffiness around the eyes, which is actually due to the overconsumption of liquids. When the kidneys and liver are being pushed to their limits, or there is a severe case of mucous around your kidneys, it is usually manifested in this form. If these eyebags (watery and swollen) are due to excessive liquid intake, it will be accompanied with frequent urination and lack of sleep indicating that the kidney function is affected.
  • The eyebags which appear swollen and fatty are due to a mucous build up.
  • If you have pimples or dark spots on the mucous caused eyebags, it is indicative that there is mucous and fat in the kidneys, leading to stones. Eyebags are usually an important sign that the overall energy of the body will be affected, as the kidneys are the powerhouse for energy. This in turn will affect your vitality.
  • Wrinkled skin under the eyes indicate that the kidneys are tired and really pushed as a result of too much salt and animal protein in the diet. 

This is an excerpt from The Beauty Diet published by Random House (2012) 

In a Macrobiotic Consultation, I arrive at a precise indication for foods that are to be included in your diet plan. The diet is a tailor-made (bespoke) diet for you.

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