What is natto? 

I’ve shied away from doing this post as, the next question that’s asked is where do we get it? Unfortunately, nowhere in India; but why I wanted to bring it up is because it’s a ‘nutritional powerhouse.’ 

Its gooey in texture, has a distinct smell, has a ‘umami’ earthy flavor and is Japanese in origin and a big part of the Macrobiotic approach to healing. 

It is fermented soybean (commonly eaten for breakfast in Japan). In Japan its eaten as breakfast food. With the booming research being done on foods benefitting your microbiome, Natto ranks at the top. Natto is a miracle food with a cultivated taste for it. 

  1. Its full of beneficial bacteria. Specially bacillus subtilis that will boost good bacteria in your gut.
  2. Has 17g of protein per ½ cup (that’s incredibly high for a plant-based food).
  3. Is rich on fiber.
  4. Is a bone-builder Vitamin K2 (300 micrograms so, lower incidence of osteoporosis).
  5. Prevents blood clots for happening.
  6. Calories from 100 g is 212; fiber 5 g (HIGH!!), Calcium (22% of RDA); Iron 48% of RDA; Vitamin C 22% of RDA; Copper 33% of RDA; Vitamin K1 29% of RDA.
  7. It is known to decrease the stickiness of red blood cells.
  8. Breaks down fibrin, a protein aggregate that is involved in blood clotting (nattokinase).
  9. Assists in prevention of arterial plaque formation.
  10. Eat as is, over salads, on a pizza like in the picture (add after the pizza is ready). 

In Picture – My very own Vegan and Macrobiotic creation: Hemp flour pizza base with herbed tomatoes, almond feta cheese, Sauerkraut with Natto (added at the end not heated).

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