Your cooks are the heart and soul of what makes you healthy, and therefore I believe investing in them is a key to unlocking the potential in you and stepping up your health quotient. It is so much fun, and I love teaching the domestics of your homes. At all times I have done this training program, I find that this world of healthy cooking is so new for them, and we make such breakthroughs with going beyond just using less oil, or less salt.

I start by acquainting them with ingredients and foodstuff they need to make sure are the mainstays in your kitchen; this also includes a trip to the market and a speciality food store.  Then layer it with the right cooking styles, cooking techniques that are correct and not over-doing cooking styles, and of course teach them to use their whole grain, vegetables, and beans in versatile ways. I try to get them to understand that using more spices and more oil to cook a dish is not really correct, but how we must work with natural flavours of the spices and also of each vegetable.

Variety is the key, hence preventing them to get into a mundane routine is something I strongly focus on; inculcating that cooking is an art.  So, I keep in mind that we are looking at 3 main meals a day, and filtering in homemade snacks in between.  But, we are also looking at spanning it beyond just Indian cuisine—I get them to try their hand with world cuisine and look at cooking for you on a larger canvas. I share tips and tricks on using natural everyday foods to convert them into snacks. The biggest challenge that I have faced in such classes is actually teaching cooks how to plan menus that encompass healthy and tasty meals, so we do a fun session on menu planning.  We do fun activities like breaking them up into groups and ask them to plan a weekly menu for you.

I have taken the time to transcribe my recipes into Hindi, such that they walk away with the English and Hindi versions of recipes.  My domestic cook training program is so powerfully invigorating for me and I feel so blessed to interact with them and empower them for you!

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