If you are reading this, you probably have a thyroid condition or a near and dear one does. The doctor has told you that you will need medication for life. Kind of like blood pressure medication. I don’t agree with this at all. Just remember, if your body threw up this condition, your body with a little bit of holistic care can recover completely. The decision to take the medication for life is entirely yours.

I don’t want to get into what the thyroid gland is, does, and its malfunctions– you have Google to look out for. I would like to enlighten you on solutions.  First, we are seeing a chronic thyroid epidemic in this country why? Did you hear your mother, father, or grandfather complain of their thyroid going under scrutiny? This is because times were less stressed, and food habits were simpler. The thyroid reacts to pressure (of any kind-mental or physical) therefore it blows because of chronic un-addressed stress. Modern day diets, with low levels of iodine, and trace minerals compounds this use further.

I promise you follow some of the recommendations outlined here and your condition will reverse.

Here are 11 tips to add, and see how you feel.

(1) Avoid extreme contracted (yang) foods like meats, eggs, cheese, tuna, salmon, seafood – especially that which is excessively salted.

(2) Avoid fruit juices, sugar, chocolates, honey, sweeteners, milk, butter, ice cream, dairy products, yogurt, white rice, white flour (maida), polished and refined grains, excessive fruit, fruit juices, potatoes, and peppers, minimize spices, herbs, stay of alcohol and medication.

(3) Avoid or minimize hard baked products: biscuits, cakes, cookies, pastries, crackers, chivda, farsan, and bread.

(4) Do not cook in a microwave or electric cooker, use gas.

(5) Use sesame oil in cooking, and minimize oil for a 2 month period.

(6) Avoid ice cold drinks. No ice.

(7) Avoid raw, except fruit (1-2 servings a day only).

(8) Eat whole grains like: brown rice, millets, barley as a staple in all 3 meals (60% of your daily consumption).

(9) Include soup with miso paste in your diet.

(10) Use a lot of vegetables (25-30% of your daily consumption).

(11) Add, the following to your diet: spirulina (sea algae-brand Conscious Foods)


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