The Detox Diet

The Detox Diet

With the detox diet, Shonali helps unravel the secrets of weight loss, anti-ageing, beauty, skin, hair, autoimmune issues, and reversing every health problem that she believes arises when bad bacteria outdo the good ones in your system – thus causing an imbalance. This book will not only get you into the best shape of your life - it will help you maintain a healthy lifestyle.

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What is this book so important in today's time?

With lifestyle diseases such as autoimmune conditions, irritable bowel disease, diabetes depression etc. growing at such an alarming rate. It is important that we truly need to understand and prioritize our health. The Detox Diet, brings to focus how we need food to be used as a tool to reverse these ailments.

Can you do a detox using the guidance of The Detox Diet

Shonali shares her knowledge of the healing properties of different food groups and food within those food groups to reverse an ailment that you may have. This book will give action plans to follow on two levels. 1. If you want to do just a mini-detox and 2. If your digestive system gives you regular trouble and you want to retune the whole body to restore the balance by cleansing.

What are the key takeaways from The Detox Diet

This book highlights what causes aging, gut-related problems, autoimmune conditions, weight gain and poor health. It tells you how to bring about changes in the body by improving gut health. It also reveals secrets of Shonali’s anti-ageing and antioxidant rich detox plans.

How do you know if this book is meant for you?

With 3 amazing detox diet plans, numerous recipes, and an abundance of health tips - this book will help you finally understand the reasons behind many of those health issues for which you earlier had no answers. It will now not only get you into the best shape you have ever been – it will help you maintain and sustain it as a healthier lifestyle.

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