Most parents do not pay attention to kids nutrition, I feel more often parents look at ease and convenience, and may neglect important aspects of their child’s growing up process.  What motivated me to write this blog, was my niece Zara, who dropped in her vitamin D levels, and also could not walk for very long.  While she was a dairy consumer, and marketers flaunt the synthetic Vitamin D label on their packs, why was she so deficient?  I tried to explain to her parents she probably was not getting magnesium and the co factors required to absorb the vitamin D.

Anyways here are supplements you must consider for your child –

A good Probiotic – Absolutely essential, as kids do a fair amount of junk eating and this could destroy their stomach.  A good probiotic supplement will keep them strong in their digestive, aid in manufacturing Vitamin K2 and B vitamins; also keep them free from a toxic overload maintaining their inner ecosystem, also helping with mineral absorption. While we should try and get these through foods, like cultured vegetables, non-dairy probiotic drinks (non-dairy without sugar); it’s difficult to get kids to eat these and a supplement would be beneficial.

A good Vitamin D supplement – Nothing like getting your kid out in the sun, however today’s lifestyles don’t permit this sometimes.  So cod liver oil helps (the fermented version-not available in India) helps even more as it gets absorbed better. If you do supplement with a synthetic form (in a pill) then add Vitamin K2 to prevent a Vitamin D toxic overload. Vitamin D, K2 and Calcium work together in the body.

Trace Minerals – Our bodies need these minerals which come from the soil.  Our bodies need these minerals to keep the processes that go in within us going. I recommend drops here. A good source: http://bit.ly/1OhuLd6 – you can get them from sea vegetables, but kids may find that difficult to take in.

Vitamin K2 – Found in fermented foods and leafy green vegetables both of which kids are not getting.  Basically it is also produced when you have a strong inner ecosystem in the stomach.  There is a wonderful brand called Jarrows (www.amazon.com) which has a MK-7 brand (found in all fermented foods). For one it helps move calcium in the body, and also activate proteins to enhance cells. K2 needs to activate proteins that vitamin D 9taking orally) will generate.

(This piece was written with the thought of Dr. Mercola www.drmercola.com)


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