In a first ever conducted study using a Macrobiotic approach to cancer researchers at Tulane University discovered that a 1 – year survival rate amongst patients with pancreatic cancer was significantly higher amongst those who modified their diet using the Macrobiotic approach versus those that did not modify their diet at all. For prostate cancer patients they found that those who ate a Macrobiotic diet survived 177 months versus 91 months amongst people who did not make changes in their diet at all. (Source: James P. Carter et al., ‘Hypothesis: Dietary Management May Improve Survival from Nutritionally Linked Cancers Based on Analysis of representative cases,” Journal of the American College of Nutrition 12:209-226, 1993) (source:www.kushiinstitute.org)

Mina Dobic who is a 20 year cancer survivor using Macrobiotics says and author of ‘My Beautiful Life: How I conquered Cancer naturally’ is a practicing Counsellor, Chef and teacher in California. Her clients include Tom Cruise, Nicole Kidman, Guy Ritchie, Madonna, Alcia Silverstone and Steven Seagal and this is what they say about her: Dr. Benjamin Spock renowned Pediatrician and Author says that Mina Dobic has inspired many who are really sick and have needed help. Her advice has helped him through his illnesses as well. Madonna attributes the health of her family and herself to Mina and her advice. In fact Michio Kushi himself (the founder of the diet in America) has said that Mina is committed to the liberation of humanity and one peaceful world-she has helped many from sickness to health and happiness.

Christina Pirello who runs many cookery shows on American television and a strong proponent of this approach, healed from last stages of leukemia and then established her own cooking school in 1988.Today 27 years later, she is an example and inspiration on what the healing power of foods can do and how food choices have an impact on our overall state of wee-being.

Macrobiotics & other ailments

The first focus of the Macrobiotic approach is to change blood condition, thereby impacting cellular condition. Any breakdown of the human body, starts right here i.e., with our cellular structure. The second focus is on strengthening the digestive system, like in Ayurvedic traditions ‘the seat of everything is in the stomach.’ So, the use of digestive enzymes to strengthen the flora and fauna of the gut, is a major contribution of the Macrobiotic way of life. A third focus is on regularizing blood sugar levels, as major insulin surges is something the body cannot handle. The fourth a final focus is to reduce inflammation in the body, that is the major cause of any disease: from arthrits/rheumatoid arthritis, diabetes, IBD (Irritable Bowel Disease: constipation, ulcerative colitis, Crohns), allergies, fibromyalgia, balancing hormones (thyroid & cortisol), preventing/resolving adrenal fatigue, controlling fat, belly fat and unhealthy aging. Therefore, ‘yes’ the diet helps with any ailment.

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