Benefits of Avocado oil 

Well if avocados are good for you, then you can imagine what avocado oil can do for you as well. For one its absolutely delicious, rich in oleic acid is considered a very healthy fat to consume. It’s an excellent monounsaturated fat. Apart from its amazing taste, it has an array of other health benefits – here are 10 benefits and 10 ways to use it. 

  1. High in both omega 3 and 6 ratio being high, but balance maintained as omega 6 is not that high).
  2. Benefits the eyes due to high lutein content.
  3. Is anti-inflammatory, therefore will help with all ailments that result from inflammation (eczema, psoriasis, arthritis, etc), contains oleic acid will aid wound healing and is anti-carcinogenic working with glutathione as well to reduce cancer activity as well.
  4. Great for skin repair and that glow as well (Presence of: Vitamin E, beta carotene [which converts to vitamin A=skin repair as well] potassium, lecithin).
  5. High on antioxidants.
  6. Has a high smoke point: great for Indian cooking.
  7. Super for the heart, and improves health of blood vessels. Supports kidneys, therefore impacts blood pressure positively.
  8. Contains less saturated fat than coconut oil, and minus the taste when added to dishes. where one does not need the overpowering coconutty taste.
  9. Contains chlorophyll, so has magnesium both will aid in removing harmful stuff from the body. Chlorophyll mimics the molecular structure of the blood, so it will do a cleanse on your blood; amazing on a detox plan.
  10. Amazing weight-loss food, due to high good fat content. Omega 9 fatty acid will encourage blood flow to muscles when exercising. 

Post: How to use Avocado oil? 

  1. Can add to salads
  2. Use to marinate almost any food
  3. Bake with it
  4. Add it to vegan mayonnaise (Due to neutral taste)
  5. Use instead of olive oil on a paste
  6. Add it to smoothies
  7. Add it to cold soups or even warm ones
  8. Great for hair, use topically
  9. Remove make up, natural for removal
  10. Dab some under eyes for dark circles
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