Grinding spice Versus Store bought Spices 

Is grinding spice better than buying them in a packet? 

Yes! using spices as a whole, then grinding them definitely adds to the flavor element of any dish you would use them in. However, may not necessarily change the health value of the spice. Especially the ones that get their flavor and aroma from the oil they contain. Their home is the outer shell of the whole spice, once that is broken, they lose their aroma and flavor, when they come into contact with air. As a rule, I do not grind them, till I need to use them and I keep the whole spices in the refrigerator, so as to prevent them from coming into contact with light. 

Here are the spice that are better when freshly ground – 

  1. Corriander (dhaniya seeds).
  2. Nutmeg (Jaiphall).
  3. Cardomom (elaichi).
  4. Cumin (jeera).
  5. Cloves (laung).
  6. Cinnamon (dalchini).
  7. Star anise (chakra phool).
  8. Fennel (saunf).
  9. Black peppercorns (kali miri). 

How to use them 

Depending on the dish you make, and type of flavour you can keep them whole or use them ground. Sometimes I roast/toast them to bring out the flavour like in my Gomashio preparation where I roast/toasting on low heat (to prevent charring/burning) the dry red chilly first. Whole spices like when used in a biryani for example permeate the dish when you start them in ghee first. Using a mortar/pestle to grind, or even a stone enhances flavours further, rather than just using a mixer/dry grinder. 

Handy tip: Grinding them always yield more 

Anti-inflammatory spices for a cancer diet – turmeric, cinnamon, cayenne (red chilly in India), Clove just a few in this list.

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