Why use Jade rollers? Should they be a part of your beauty cabinet? 

So I think the answer to this is yes, just like we use massage to stimulate our tissues (for lymphatic drainage) and muscles. Similarly we forget to massage our face to create that circulation for our facial pathways. 

Here is why Jade Rollers help – 

  1. A jade roller has been known to decrease puffiness, reduce tired lines on the face, and encourage lymphatic drainage.
  2. It will impact general wellbeing and promote relaxation, but may need not necessarily stimulate collage ( you will need to address your diet for this to happen).
  3. Some claim, it helps to work a face serum better into the face, and I am buying one just do this, as I feel that because one needs such small amounts of a serum, I always want to make sure I use it in a just manner all over my face, but somehow find it difficult and then end up using too much.
  4. It will only help your skin regimen and its great if you are one who sticks to your night-time cleansing ritual as it becomes easy to incorporate as a habit. 

Beauty and wellness influencer @shagunkhanna says “Think rollers, think gentle soothing massage! I like to keep mine in my mini-fridge and use it cold to enhance circulation and de-puff eye area.”

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