Is your food teaching you to be kind? 

I don’t think any food tradition except Macrobiotics and Ayurveda accept this particular aspect of food. That is ‘questioning what the foods you are eating, are doing to you on an energetic level’ viz-a-viz yourself and others around you. 

So today I ask you, is your food making you a kinder person? Such that you lose your cool to a lesser extent, surrender to the Universe and are less anxious. 

On a physical level you are not kind, it means somewhere ‘anger’ is a big part of your mental pattern. This comes about according to the Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) system (Macrobiotics rests most of its principles on this system of Medicine) because, the liver harnesses ‘anger’ and anger leads to someone being rude as opposed to someone being kind. Also, if you are not a kind person, it also indicates a weakness in the stomach/spleen/pancreas (anxiety and worrying weakens these organs. Eventually the depletion in these organs, will lead to a mental condition and impact mental health. Plus, inflammation in the body, I closely connected to information in the brain as well. So, are you that person? As yourself this question, then read on – 

What are you to do? Here are 10 tips to help you 

Know that being kind stems from, having a calmer disposition, a cleaner blood condition, a good microbiome (good gut ecosystem), great cellular condition – all impacting the mind eventually. 

  1. For starters, address all the foods that create acidic blood condition and clean them out. Start adding wholesome natural foods, more-close to nature Feed your liver in order to flush out toxins. Eliminate sugar, sugary foods, coffee, caffeinated beverages and dairy. My books list all these foods.
  2. Add meditation to your routine, to clear out the mind/process all that over stimulation from the environment and plug your energy chord to that of the Universe.
  3. Clean the gut, and add all the gut-cleansing foods (free digestive energy promotes cleaner mind energy; causes les inflammation in the brain-helps the gut-brain axis).
  4. Use a system that will also help cellular detoxification (in my case I use Ayurveda panchakarma) this should calm the liver as well.
  5. Exercise and engage in play (Increases serotonin the feel-good hormone).
  6. Sleep, rest and rejuvenate.
  7. Gratitude – cultivate an attitude of gratitude to everything and everyone in your life.
  8. Pray for those less fortunate (even if you don’t know them).
  9. Make yourself a promise to be nice to everyone around you (I mean everyone).
  10. Come from LOVE always (throw out coming from FEAR) Love is the only reality.
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