What is Lingonberry? 

Lingonberry, is grown in temperate climates (mostly Northern regions) tastes like red berries (tart flavor), looks like a smaller version of cranberries. Also called: bearberry, redberry, foxberry, crowberry. As any berry, which are good for you; just remember a berry will always give you ‘dense compact good (yang) energy’ in an instant. That’s why mountaineers living on high altitudes make it a part of their mountain-climbing regimen. Would you like to know its benefits and how to source them? 

This berry is a perfect anti-inflammatory food (impacting cancer, autoimmune, IBD, heart, liver disease, as they all stem from inflammation) and has many other components as well – 

  1. A concentrated high doze of the trace mineral manganese.
  2. Again. good dose of Vitamin C and E (so great for your skin).
  3. Its colour makes it good on an antioxidant called anthocyanins (found in black foods as well) and quercetin (anti-inflammatory antioxidant).
  4. They do promote good gut bacteria, as they will change the gut ecosystem and therefore this makes them an anti-inflammatory food as well.
  5. Makes for a good weight loss snack as it may inhibit enzyme that helps digest fat from food (making you less fat from fat).
  6. Stabilizes blood sugar levels (fiber and polyphenols).
  7. Good for your eyes.
  8. We all know cranberries are good for UTI (urinary tract infection) in women, try Lingonberries.
  9. Will add colour to your food (I always think of foods that add colour to my food. 

When I looked online for suppliers in Mumbai, I found mostly jams made from it (as it makes for a good preservative [the concentrate] inhibits bad bacteria formation. I also found a powder online, which you could use. And if you know a supplier (within India) do share the number with me at 9819035604.

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