Diet and Lifestyle plays a huge part in keeping calm and staying alert during examination.  If  your diet is nutritionally deficient, chances are you will fuel more anxiety, and also the ability to stay alert and keep your memory fresh to face the exam.

Most of the time students tend to reach for “energy uppers” like colas, coffee, tea and things which will stimulate their energy artificially.  What  students need is to supplement natural levels of “serotonin” the neurotransmitter which supports a better mood, combats anxiety, helps with having high energy, fights fatigue, helps increase self esteem, enhances concentration, clears confusion, helps make decisions & helps with cravings. Coffee, Black tea, Colas (all regarded as stimulants) drives the artificial seratonin levels, which then produces a low and its a viscous cylcle.

A nutritionally efficient diet before exams (implemented at best 3 weeks before) will help in better performance at the examination time. Also providing you with sustained sugars obtained through diet and natural levels of serotonin.

Stick to a diet rich in whole grain (40% of daily volume consumption [DVC] such as brown rice, millet, nachni, jowar, and here are many others available) accompanied with beans (15% of DVC these include all dals whole & split, including whole beans), vegetables (30% of DVC emphasize all kinds), Soups (10% of DVC).

Include brown rice at least once a day in your diet. These are considered to be “brain food”. Stimulate your brain with grain!

Stay vegetarian if possible this helps in lesser energy used up in digestion and more energy available to study

Avoid all soft drinks, colas, aereated beverages, coffees & Indian black teas. These deplete energy. Stick to herbal or Green teas if possible

Avoid sugar, commercial desserts and too much sweet. Again these will cause you to get excessively wired as opposed to staying calm

Keep some nuts handy like walnuts & almonds when studying to munch on providing you with an instant burst of energy

Stay hydrated with water and liquids

Don’t stay awake late hours, instead sleep on time and wake up on time.  Get 8 hours of sleep as this will enhance performance and keep energy levels up

Get some exercise, even if it is for 20 minutes.  One asana which will help is Vrkshasana (tree pose), Tadasana (Mountain Pose)- these 2 will enhance concentration while shavasana will help in calming you down. 

A brisk walk always helps or a run. This will help to produce endorphins which will make you feel good

Take breaks and just stare (candle-gaze), meditate, deep breathe or shut your eyes from time-to-time, to rest your mind.


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