Digestive Health an understanding! 

I Think of your gut as a garden—rich and green. Go ahead and visualize it. Now think of these friendly microorganisms inhabiting that harden. How you choose to build the soil (i.e., the nutrition through food) around it to keep these microorganisms nourished and healthy is entirely up to you. This is the key to everything in your life; This plays a key role in the health and outward manifestations of it (skin, hair, nails, glow, weight, mind, attitude, and a whole lot more). According to me, this is the missing link in the Indian diet and all diets. 

Everybody has a different set of microbes due to the varying meals everyone eats and the environment they grow up in. Not even 10 per cent of your microbes may be the same as the people living with you. This is what precisely accounts for you being pre-disposed to certain aliments while other may suffer from a completely different set of ailments (or not have any). The character of your microbiome can change, with the first being your diet, how many sexual partners you have, whether you have pets, or whether you are first-born, second-born, etc. Your microbes define what it means to be you. 

The microscopic organisms that live within you dictate the way the food is used in the body, they control cravings, govern appetite, influence genes, your hormones, make natural antibiotics, make vitamins needed to survive, promote sleep, control your moods by controlling your neurotransmitters, and act as a detoxification unit (like a second liver) against toxins in your intestine. For e.g., your gut microbes help you break down complex carbohydrates. Your body wouldn’t be able to do this on its own. The same microbes weaken the toxic build-up in your liver from the un-healthy food you’ve eaten and help with elimination. When they find substances that are considered outsiders and not native to the gut, they guard us against them. 

(Excerpt: The Detox Diet by Shonali Sabherwal 2017, Penguin Random House)

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