GILOY advocated by Ayurveda (know as Guduchi) for centuries, known as ‘Amrita’ in Sanskrit which means ‘the root of immortality,’ and Tinospora Cordofilia in English. Its available (as in the picture) at Farmers markets, and can be locally sourced.

  1. Treats blood sugar levels – great for type 2 diabetics (acts as a hypoglycemic agent)
  2. Boosts immunity – Fights free radical damage, purifies blood
  3. Helps liver disease
  4. Combats UTIs (urinary tract infections)
  5. Helps digestion – especially constipation
  6. Anti-respiratory effects; reduces asthma symptoms
  7. Treats Arthritis
  8. Helps the skin by reducing spots, lines, pimples and wrinkles – anti-aging

Here are 2 recipes on how to use Giloy –

Recipe 1: Soak 2-inch stem in water overnight, next morning grind I a food processor/mixer with water (can use same water); strain and drink juice, approximately 15 ml should work.

Recipe 2: Use ½ a gram (or juice as above)+ amla (2 juiced) regularly thi concoction can reduce constipation.

Do let me know once you try it.

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