My Ayurvedic practitioner when talking about mucous in the human body once told me think of your body as a candle that needs some wax. You need some wax (in this case he was relating this to mucous) for the light (in this case your body) to burn bright. We all need some amount of mucous in our bodies, it acts as a protective lining and prevents the organs from drying out. Mucous has protective bacteria-killing enzymes that can fight infections.

Having said that, why do we produce more, which causes our sinuses to get blocked? The answer is simple bad food habits, lead to an acidic blood condition and this means the blood becomes sludged (as opposed to viscous) with mucous and starts filling all the channels of your body. This means when the sinus pathways (hollow cavities in the skull) get blocked with mucous, that’s when all your sinus issues get worse. I have been a sinus sufferer and mine manifested in severe headaches. Just remember, nothing outside causes a sinus, the cause is created inside when mucous has nowhere to go therefore it fills the hollow cavities of the skull area. Outside irritants are simply reactions or triggers for a sinus to flare up that is when you start manifesting symptoms. There are ways to tackle this issue naturally.

Remedies to treat sinus – While I always used a multiple number of methods simultaneously to clear my sinuses here are some that I totally swear by:

1. Steam inhalations two to three times a day with eucalyptus oil
2. Jal neti daily – I do this without the neti pot, just water with a pinch of salt cupped in my hand, I snort this through one nostril and cough, so any mucous that needs to clear comes out through my mouth

3. I also drink the lotus root drink (tea) daily: Grate lotus root, squeeze out the juice to make ½ a cup, add the same amount of water, boil for 10 minutes and drink warm
Plus I do have something else I use, which gets a little more intense, let me know if you’d like to know about it and don’t forget to tag all your friends and family who suffer with sinus issues on this post.

Here is what I use, it’s an oil called ‘Anu Thailam’ again made by the Arya Vaidya Pharmacy (Coimbatore); here’s how to do it –

  1. Lie down and shut one nostril
  2. Put two drops of Anu Thailam in one nostril
  3. Snort it up, then start massaging the cheeks, forehead and nose
  4. After 2 minutes repeat the same with the other nostril
  5. After lying down 5 minutes, go to you wash basin
  6. Cough the mucous out, you may feel it at the base of your throat or like a nasal drip

Do this daily for 3 days at least – can be stretched to 7 days – and can me made into a daily routine as well.

Get rid of all that mucous!!

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