My hairstylist friend Dilshad, for whom Sharukh Khan when on to a hair cutting fast for a year — since she was pregnant at the time; swore she never got enough of my hair to cut.  By that literally means, the more she would cut, the more she felt I’d grown back instantly. She was kidding of course, what she really meant was that I had a great head of hair.  I believe this to be true.  Though even though the Macrobiotic diet first came into the limelight in India via my book ‘The Beauty Diet’ it has remained an anti-aging and longevity diet always.

Ever wondered what the quality of your blood condition is? It is the fertile ground for your hair roots to thrive in. The less acidic your blood condition, the more likely you are to have a good head of hair.

Hair food what do you eat Shonali? I get asked this question all the time. Since hair is mostly protein, everyone thinks let’s eat more of it, but this is a myth. While of course I eat everything; but at the very core of what I eat for my hair is a lot of seaweed (or sea vegetable). Research points to the fact that sodium alginate, a compound found in seaweed will bind with chemical poisons and flush them out of your system, lessening the burden on your body of any kind of toxicity. Not only is seaweed abundantly rich in trace minerals, but it also is rich in iodine, which will nourish the thyroid and adrenal glands, helping the body’s endocrine system. Chlorophyll molecules, which mimic the bloods hemoglobin are at the core of any sea weed and they are known to strengthen blood condition. They are also rich in proteins, carotenes, complex carbohydrates and are prebiotic, this means they feed good gut bacteria (keeping your inner ecosystem healthy).

Contrary to popular belief that gray hair is caused due to genes; greying prematurely also is also indicative of poor nutritional choices.  For example: excessive saturated fat and protein in the diet (both from animal protein or dairy), in-take of too much salt, sugars; which deplete trace minerals causing greying of the hair. Seaweed can be an excellent addition to your diets. Use the following seaweeds: spirulina, kombu, kelp, wakame, hijiki, arame and dulse. Most seaweeds are now available in India. Spirulina certainly is as are the others in Japanese food stores.

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