Recently I was diagnosed with a liver cyst. I know you are wondering ‘what the hell can a nutritionist like me do wrong?’ and my answer to that is: I myself am wondering the same.  But I have had no symptoms – none!

I like to teach and educate you, from my own experience; and this is why I am writing this blog today.

Liver cysts could come about for various reasons: amoebic infection (this was my reason), through foods; a genetic predisposition (i.e., could be in the family), something you’ve done in your diet, causing the liver to react: excessive fats of the wrong kind happens to be one of them, abnormal bile duct cells.

Can a liver cyst be a cause for cancer?

Sometimes yes! If it is abnormal in nature, which means they start growing more than 12 cm or activity within them reveals they are heading toward cancerous activity: a cancerous growth with dead cells. Cystadenoma a benign lesion can progress to a cystadenocarcinoma.


While mine did not cause any symptoms; you could get the following symptoms – bloating, a feeling of fullness after eating, nausea, pain in the upper right abdomen, or vomiting.


A benign cyst does not need any treatment, except that you do monitor it and strengthen the liver. Removal is only suggested, if it is causing discomfort or is large.

So I am dealing with it naturally, here’s what I am doing:

1. Sticking to the principles of Macrobiotics: avoiding greasy foods, dairy, sugar, refined flour, processed and refined foods, alcohol and too much fructose 

2. Including green foods, like all the leafy greens plus spirulina and chlorella 

3. Using a selenium supplement which helps liver cells 

4. Using 1 raw vegetable juice a day, with added doze of barley greens for optimal liver health 

5. Having lime shots 3 – 4 times a day to detoxify my liver 

6. Cooking foods slowly, don’t use fat-cooking methods 

7. Chronic stress, frustration and anger hurt the liver; so please manage these conditions as I am 

8. Foods that will help your liver: garlic (for its sulfur), avocados (all the B vitamins, omega’s and practically all the important vitamins: C, D, E and K), grapefruit (increases the livers cleansing properties), green apples (pectin and other chemicals that release stuff from the digestive impacting liver-health, brussel sprouts contain glucosinolate, which makes the live release enzymes that are help combat dietary toxins 

9. Tip: Wash all fruits and vegetables thoroughly before using, choose organic; but still wash well.

Take away the ‘r’ from liver and what does it spell? ‘LIVE’ (source: of this line Bell Mara Nutritionals)

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