The start of a New Year and I like to set it up with what trends will benefit us in 2020. Not that my opinion is it, not that I come from any ‘ego’ but just that it’s good to know going forward. 

Being present in the moment, and seeking its benefits to stay calm and minimize stress. All techniques of meditation focus on this one tenet, and those that are conscious of the mind – body – spirit connection will seek the art of being mindful. Mindfulness will be sought in the entire way life: living, foods, snacking, speech and thought. 

Vegan and Plant-based Eating
This is not because of the movie ‘Game Changer.’ But that was still a start to the benefits of being plant-based. Those who are non-vegetarian will increase their repertoire of vegan cuisine, and one will see more plant-based options in the Indian market in foods and snack. 

Rest and Recovery
Techniques that will focus on rest and recovery will be emphasized post workouts, to achieve equilibrium in the body and mind. These would range from: stretching, massage, rest and there will also be a focus on foods that will help us to get there. 

More Probiotics
My book The Detox Diet (2017) where I talked only about gut health and foods that bring in good bacteria, emphasized the advent of a ‘new category’ of foods that would address the gut. There is going to be a larger emphasis not just on foods, but also big Pharmaceutical Companies, will have to be more geared in the direction of formulating better endowed probiotics to address the Indian gut. 

‘Nutra’ (from nutrient) and ‘ceutical’ (from pharmaceutical a medical drug). These are products derived from food sources with extra health benefits, in addition to the nutritional value found in foods. This year will see the advent of many such products to promote well-being and used to prevent lifestyle diseases. ‘Functional food’ is one such category, which includes whole foods and fortified and foods enhanced with more nutrients, providing a perceived benefit to consumers. 

Traditional Cooking Styles and Vessels
There will be stress on enhancing food flavours by using many other styles of cooking: like wood-fire cooking or using using coal. There will also be an emphasis on using many different types of healthier vessels like cast iron or stainless-steel for cooking. 

Gratitude for everything small in your life will be ‘in’ this should not be a fad but a way of one’s life. But it will gain more centre stage this year. You may even see and advent of many health products using words to emphasize gratitude. 

Happy New Year and here’s my first blog in 2020

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