I never knew why I was always boated, uncomfortable and never lost my weight. Till one day I picked up Shonalis book The Detox Diet, and could not put it down. I only knew that I had ‘inflammation’ after reading her book. All the signs were pointing me in that direction. I also did not know I had a bad gut, till I finally decided to meet Shonali for a consult. If there is anyone who knows about ‘gut’ health and the digestive system, it is her. She knows her stuff at a level that only a person who suffers with such a condition, will know. She is a ‘guru’ on the ‘gut’ – you can call her a ‘gut guru.’ At least she has been mine. I cannot thank her enough I have lost 6 kilos, my skin is glowing, I look like another person. Most of all I feel unbelievable. Even though I am perimenopasal, I feel amazing, with no real symptoms of being there. For me she is everything a true Nutritionist should be all about. She follows up routinely with calls, reminds you that you have to talk to her and is all there when you need her. I kept extended my plan with her, as I knew I was in the right hands. If you can spend on jewelry, expensive clothes and bags. Then why not spend it on your health instead for life-long insurance against any disease. Please do this for yourself. It’s totally worth it!

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