The answer to this is really simple, its a ‘lifestyle’ and its YOURS and people out there who classify any diet and then compare it to the other diets (which follow approaches like high protein and low carbs or high fat and no carbs with high protein) 

A plant-based approach, which includes being vegetarian and free from dairy (as milk is classified as animal food) is the safest and best approach to keeping the blood condition health 85% of the time; and also including a whole grain like brown rice or millets at one meal at least. Including lots of vegetables, legumes and the cornerstone of your diet should focus on good quality fermentation; which is the ‘glue’ that holds it together. By that I mean keeping it less acidic, more towards a balanced pH. But, oily fish (if you eat non-vegetarian food or adding flax or chia seeds to your diet) from time-to-time does help. 

How can foods that create acidic blood pool, be allowed on a diet – e.g., biscuits with maida (refined flour has been proven to cause such a condition) or an overload of animal protein (this includes dairy and meats, unless properly balanced), sugar in any form (colas, diet drinks, sweets made at home: sugar is not a natural food), white rice (plain sugar and starch). These foods included in every ‘Calorie In, Calorie Out’ approach (CICO approach) which is what most weight loss diets are all about. Would you not want an approach that get’s you to follow a healthier lifestyle or follow one that makes you lose weight, by also creating good pH balance of the blood and one that suits your level of activity, goals, the climate, country and city you live in? Plus one that does not throw you in another health condition, while you lose the weight? Most of my clients come to me when they have lost their weight, and end up (if they have already been weak before they started their diet plan) with blowing their thyroid, ending up with insulin sensitivity (due to being on ‘yo yo’ dieting that is jumping from one diet to another), or upsetting their gut (creating bad bacteria, by eating anything on a CICO approach). 

Indians are pre-dominantly vegetarian, but heavily dependent on their dairy, can we today safely say the dairy we get is not altered? (For those interested do read #TheChinaStudy). 

Here are #MichaelPollan 10 simple food rules to follow to get you there, and do question stuff when experts in the field put  it out there (including me).

Rule #1 Eat mostly plants, specially leaves.

Rule # 2 Eat animals that have themselves eaten well.

Rule # 3 Eat your colours.

Rule # 4 Eat all the junk food you want, as long as you cook it yourself.

Rule # 5 The whiter the bread, the sooner you’ll be dead.

Rule # 6 Shop the peripheries of the supermarket, stay out of the middle.

Rule # 7 Don’t overlook the oily little fish(if you are a non-vegetarian).

Rule # 8 Eat more like the French, the Japanese, the Italians or the Greeks.

Rule # 9 Limit your snacks to unprocessed plant foods.

Rule # 10 Avoid foods that have some form of sugar (or sweetener) listed as the top three ingredients.

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