Natasha, came to me feeling blue, and totally down and out. She said she had felt stressed out for over a year. Her thinking was all foggy, she had insomnia, and a lot of heartburn, her periods were scanty and nothing was working for her. Her blood tests were normal, and there was nothing for the doctor to say about her condition. Natasha, was not going to go the alternative way easily, she was completely dominated by the Western Modern Medicine for answers.

Her biggest step was already taken, when she came to me to take on diet to change her condition. In the Eastern way of looking at things, we as practitioners believe that you will get many signs before an ailment actually happens to you. Sometimes, its just feeling blue, like what Natasha was going through. In the Western way one needs a blood test, and x-ray, an ultrasound or stool/urine test.

We live in a world which is yang (In the Macrobiotic view = contacted) and refuse to include the yin (expansive energy). Equanimity (thorough meditation and attitude), spirituality and being in the now, are all sidelined for: ambition, success at any cost, and being competitive. Today, success is measured by your social media ratings, how our peers are doing, and we want to be on the top without going through the process. We do not even take notice how this makes us feel down and out.

There are no pills, potions, lotions or even just eat this food product or that (e.g., your diet maybe very bad, but you’re still just having chia seeds in water because you are told it is good for you), to make you feel good. You must seek to rectify your entire diet, lifestyle, manage stress to counteract poor health.

Good quality yang can be achieved, by doing the right exercise, engaging in the right mental activities; while good quality yin can be achieved by eating the right foods (overall, not just in isolation), plugging into the divine or universal energy (prana as we Indians call it), spending time with our loved ones.

Three things I can leave you with to achieve sound mental health, which helped Natasha:

1.Diet in this case must comprise of freshly cooked whole foods: whole grain, legumes, vegetables, good quality fermentation, nuts and seeds; mostly vegetarian. Cooking foods make the easier to digest. Avoid: dairy, sugar, maida, preservatives and refined/processed foods. Stay vegetarian.

2.Stress management via meditation and yoga (pranayama) and walks outdoors (good yin)

3.Discipline to do this everyday, and stay plugged into the positive; doing something everyday in the same way relaxes the nervous system and gets you results. Routine is the name of the game, when it comes to good health.

Be happy!

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