Are you drinking too much kadha?

Once the pandemic broke out, I saw people starting to include different concoctions (a kadha is the Indian name of a blend of herbs and spices – a home remedy to cure different health issues). Most are trying to keep their immunity up with some blend or the other. However, do they help and are they good for everyone? If it is a generic blend, sure. However, most people do not keep their prakriti (Ayurveda) constitution (Macrobiotics) in mind while having these blends. For e.g., I may be a pitta dominant dosha and still having a lot of spices that are heating me up even more in my kadha; then this would work against the whole strengthening immunity principle. I feel it’s important to know your body type, then look at the herbs in your kaha blend. Very often you can make your own blend, to suit your body type. Would you like to know just a basic way to know your body type?

Ayurveda and your body type (doshas)

The 3 body types are made up of air, water and earth and fire and water. Vata, Pitta and Kapha. You could be a combination of these elements, with the pre-dominance of one as well. Or what is said to tri-doshic: a combination of 3 doshas. You may want to study this further yourself, and many people who know and study Ayurveda may want to add something. This description is just for a basic understanding. 

Vata – Characterized by the air element, these people are usually tall, slim and lean. Their qualities are: to be on the move (airy), they are energetic and creating/innovating. With vata in balance they have bursts of energy and also fatigue when vata is out of balance. They have a dry condition (dry skin, hair); cold hands and feet. Digestion can be sensitive. They are emotional, prone to worry, and stress and suffer sleeplessness when under stress. 

Pitta – Characterized by the fire element, these people are more muscular and medium in size. Their qualities are: fiery, intense, acidic, sharp and hot. I am pitta dominant – so I swing between these daily. They have good digestion, sleep very well, and good libido. They also have good skin, lots of energy. When out of balance, they will have burning sensations, ulcers, excessive body heat, indigestion and heartburn. They make good decisions, and are good leaders. 

Kapha – Characterized by the water element, these people are strong with a lot of physical endurance. Their qualities are: slow, solidity, cold, soft and oily. They have good digestion and good sleep. When in excess (imbalanced) they gain weight, retain fluids, and suffer with allergies; may tend to have asthma, lung issues, diabetes. Emotionally they are calm, loving and caring people. They thrive on routine. When out of sync, they will be stubborn, resistant to change, hold on to things. I know tis from experience as I am a pitta-kapha dosha.

How to drink a kadha for your body type?

Pitta predominant people have a kadha only once a day, As some of the ingredients may aggravate a pitta dominant dosha. 

Vatta predominant people can drink kadha twice a day, due to their dry condition they can use coconut oil and ghee in their kadha. 

Kapha predominant can have a kadha up to 3 times a day, These people are more prone to a virus borne ailment. 

Note: Typically a kadha has only approximately ¼ to ½ cup of liquid.

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