Winter energy – Organs Kidney

According to TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) winter energy corresponds to the following facets listed below – 

  1. Energy: Inward – gathering – hibernating – contemplative – floating (as its associated with the water element)
  2. Foods to include: Brown rice – buckwheat – round vegetables – some root vegetables – some greens (to prepare the liver for spring) – minimize fruit – nuts – seeds (to prepare for spring)
  3. Cooking styles: Soups – stews – slow cooking (warmer energy) – broths – broiling – baking – long pickling – dehydrating – pressure cooking – multiple combination cooking
  4. Workouts: Indoor games – cardio (warming energy) – strength training
  5. Mind: Meditate – self reflect – introspect – journaling
  6. Activities for self: Chat less (gather conserve energy) – be more quiet – deep belly breathing – sit in the sun
  7. Organs to focus on: Kidneys (peak activity time: 5-7 pm) and bladder
  8. Emotions of kidneys: Less fear – more confidence (headed to spring), hos
  9. Outward representations of kidneys: Bones, teeth, knees, ears, hair and lower back 

From a Macrobiotics perspective, winter is associated with the kidneys and bladder, the kidneys are referred to as the ‘root of life.’ They store your essence that is derived from your parents, established an conception. Their first function is to govern birth, growth, reproduction, support pregnancy, influence conception, determine aging and governs water. The kidneys are described as gates that open and close in order to control the flow of body fluids in many different ways. They produce marrow, fill up the brain, and control bones. The lungs and kidneys work together to manage the air (oxygen) from the environment. 

For a kadha to suit the season and the kidneys, lets look at kidney – kadha. We are technically still in winter (preparing for Spring) the focus should be on strengthening the kidneys. I wanted to add the Macrobiotic element to what you drink at this point in time.

Kidney Kadha

1 tablespoon any bean (can do red kidney bean = rajma); black kidney beans preferred, but not necessary if you don’t get them 

1 shitake mushroom (easily available online) 

1 teaspoon nettle leaves (available online — may make you pee a little more) 

Add twice the amount of water (so 2 cups) and boil for 25 minutes. Drink 1 cup daily for 10 days. 

Try this kidney – kadha for the next 10 days or so, and do DM on Instagram (home page) or email me (contact page) to tell me how you feel after taking it.

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