Human development aims at expanding choices individuals have in uplifting and leading full lives. How do we as practitioners contribute to raising human capabilities, helping people achieve the dream they have for themselves.

Macrobiotics as a philosophy does just that, it helps people live their life with two important aspects (1) Making aware choices (2) Getting closer to what they want out of their own life. The GOAL of MACROBIOTICS is, to help people achieve a larger (MACRO) life (BIOS).

My work as India’s first counselor and practitioner, after being mentored by Mona Schwartz has been a mission, to help people enhance their human development. Being aware that the choices they make with food and lifestyle impacts every part of their life and the mental, emotional and spiritual self.

The intrinsic nature of the foods you choose to change blood condition, helping the cellular structure to stay healthy; creating a positive vibratory effect to manifest things into your reality that YOU want, cannot be ignored. Therefore, the energetics of food which is a KEY to human development cannot be ignored. Here, we cannot just address the combination of protein, carbohydrate and fat to make you healthy; but we have to go beyond these elements and look at the orchestration of food in our life keeping YIN and YANG i.e., the manifestation of the polarity of ‘prana’ or ‘life force,’ For e.g., if a person came to me with colon cancer, will I treat him with a diet that would address his protein, carbohydrate and fat intake only? Maybe layer him with some energy givers? Or will I look at the nature of the cancer (YIN = Expansive) or (Yang – contracted) organ, namely the colon being affected, what are the foods he/she over-did to get them to this place (Yin or Yang foods), and the kind of foods I would now prescribe to get them better. Would I continue to give eggs, because the protein intake needs to be high; ignoring the fact that eggs is a contracted yang food which will hurt the colon (already a contracted, yang organ).

Why does Macrobiotics help human development? Because it has the capacity to address foods, cooking styles and ailments by incorporating ‘quantum physics’ and its effect on ‘prana’ with energy and matter being interconnected. ‘Pranic’ flow affects us on every level, and if the aspect of how food, constitution, cooking styles, lifestyle, activities are energetic manifestations of this ‘prana’ is not incorporated in our daily diets (namely YIN and Yang), human development stops at looking at health from a ‘myopic’ viewpoint of just addressing macro and micronutrients. Which is also important, but just the first step in addressing one’s health.

Let’s address human development, by going beyond superficial elements and get to the real crux of health, by giving ‘The Macrobiotic Lifestyle’ a chance.


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