Ever since I had some awareness of the world around me, the first stimuli I got was my father’s music playing in the background.  He listened to qawwalis, sufi stuff, Pakistani folklore, Indian classical and this is what I imbibed. Later on, he did not have to explain the words to me, I just understood. In my growing years, it was rock and jazz. So I have only known how to live with music, rather than live without it—which to me would be an empty life.

Who doesn’t like listening to music? I know a lot of friends who are not very fond of music but occasionally do indulge in it, be it in any form. I personally believe that music changes my mind, mood and soothes me, boosts me up (usually when I run or workout). When I am having a rough day I try and listen to some of my favorite tracks and relax myself, and it does really help. I treat it as the desired escape from reality and the stress it holds.

But does it act like a healing tool? More precisely a mental healing tool?

There are several mechanisms by which music can have this effect. First of all, music has positive physical effects. It can produce direct biological changes, such as reducing heart rate, blood pressure, and cortisol levels.

Studies suggest that exposure to certain lyrics increases positive thought, empathy, and helping behavior.

Here are some ways you can use music for healing-

In times of confusion, exhaustion or grief, it’s good to let song and melody take over while you momentarily rest.

It can also be used as a way to open-up on your feelings and emotions that may otherwise be difficult to release – some dancing would also help.

Put on another style of music you’ve never listened to, whether its rap, big band or even what your kids or parents enjoy-it lifts up spirits.

Workout to music, it’s the only thing that makes you want to push harder.

Your mornings get better, if you open them up with music. I usually use a lot of devotional songs when I am cooking and my kitchen starts first thing in the morning. It creates good vibrations for the food that I cook and send to my clients.

Lastly it all depends on how you chose to consume music and let its power restore your strength and give motivation.


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