Post pregnancy do’s and don’ts. 

We all know (if you are a mother) what this phase of our lives can be like. It’s an anti-climax, building up to your delivery; then suddenly becoming a mom. Here are some simple steps to include and exclude in this phase. 


  1. Consume sugar in any form – it will keep you up, you need your sleep and your moods both are much valued at this point.
  2. Go on a diet immediately in the hope of losing weight –going on a diet will cut back nutrients that you need to repair, post-delivery.
  3. Drink too much caffeine (at the most 1 cup), tea or caffeinated beverages – this will also keep you awake and make you stressed. Sleep is paramount at this time.
  4. Don’t try to be a perfectionist and do everything yourself – get help as you are going to need it.
  5. Over-think and over-stress; and get on to google for everything – this will make you more stressed. 


  1. Eat a whole grain (brown rice or millets) you need all the fiber to feed gut bacteria to keep it all moving, and also make sure you are eliminating well. Give you serotonin to feel good in the brain and in the gut.
  2. Kegel exercises ONLY IF YOU HAVE HAD A NORMAL DELIVERY, not in case of a C-section – It will help get back your pelvic floor strength and builds the perineum muscles.
  3. Pay attention on staying hydrated, but not too much as your kidneys will get pushed and you will tire even more.
  4. Include a leafy green daily to keep the chlorophyll coming to build-back blood condition.
  5. Engage in pranayama, breathing exercises with the right teacher, to keep it all calm.
  6. Breastfeed – provides nutrients to your baby, makes you get back to your normal weight faster, and makes you bond with your baby.
  7. Sleep when your baby sleeps. 

Happy baby bonding!!

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