Why be plant-based? 

Most of us rely on experts, diet books, social media accounts, latest findings; but very seldom do we intuitively arrive at what works for us. And that’s primarily because your foods are not serving your mind. In India, we use the term ‘sattvik’ foods, as opposed to ‘rajsik foods’ which are supposed to bring about a calm as staying ‘sattvik’ is being plant-based, albeit not necessarily avoiding dairy (in the Indian scheme of things); which most people don’t understand is not being ‘sattvik’ i.e., if they are still consuming dairy. You are not plant-based if you are consuming dairy; and you are vegan you need not necessarily be whole foods, but you are plant-based only if you do not consume eggs (some people do say they are vegan, but eat eggs). 

Michael Pollan states an interesting fact ‘Eat food. Not much. Mostly plants’ so simple and yet so profound. Healthful plant-based approach will include healthy oils, more vegetable, some fruit, whole grains, healthy protein: lentils/beans, nuts & seeds. 

I like the Macrobiotic approach because it emphasizes a ‘Whole foods plant-based diet’ (WFPB) Which will do the following for you – 

  1. It will actually, make you sattvic (Indians) which means pure in essence (derived from sattva).
  2. Lower your risk of heart disease.
  3. Make you less aggressive (unless you are consuming sugar).
  4. Will make you remove processed and refined foods.
  5. Will make you check your added sugars from other food sources.
  6. Makes you arrive at an /organic mindset so helps you look at shifting to organic foods 

Read Michael Pollan’s books ‘In Defense of Food’ it will help you understand why eating plant-based is so much better for you.

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