Is ‘RO’ Reverse Osmosis Water safe or not?.

Reverse Osmosis is a method used to purify water. That’s why the name RO. All water purifiers have anywhere between 3-5 filters before the actual RO sheath that removes the other chemicals in the water. Chlorine in the water can hurt the RO sheath, so the job of one of the 3 filters is to remove chlorine, before the water goes through the RO sheath. Here is what you need to know.

  1. There is research saying that while most of the negative stuff gets removed, some remains.
  2. Also, reverse osmosis strips everything out of the water and only h20 stays in. Therefore, most trace minerals are removed as well in the filtering process; other methods like boiling for instance may not remove all trace minerals (the body needs these minerals). For e.g., Calcium and magnesium get reduced
  3. During the filtering process some oxidization occurs, so if you ingest this water this adds to the level of oxidation in your own body.
  4. Once it comes into contact with air (because its actively absorbent) it will absorb the greenhouse gas that is present in the air, and will turn acidic (this is why you hear some gas get out of an old ‘bottled’ water bottle).
  5. Could harm tissues especially of the heart. Plus, drinking tons of it could harm your bodie’s acidic levels.

This is what you need to pay attention to –

  1. Pay attention to term TDS (total dissolved solids) in a water filter. Low TDS has no side effects, in-fact the lesser the better. A TDS level of less than 10 signifies some trace minerals are removed. The WHO specifies a TDS of less than 300mg/l is the best Indian jargon 50-100). Anything greater than 1200 mg/l is unacceptable.
  2. Better to drink RO water if some trace minerals are added back in after purification – as RO will de-ionize your water; the basic nature of water.
  3. Use a UV – ultraviolet light along with your filter as RO may not work on all viruses i.e., if you use RO method.

Research your water filter before buying one.

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