Why use Collagen?.

Collagen is a complex protein with 19 different amino acids (the other are proline, glycine, glutamine, arginine). Your body needs amino acids to build muscle, skin, cartilage, hair and skin for which collagen with has the types of amino acids; really helps skin repair, hair, nails, new tissue formation – this also includes repairing leaky gut syndrome as the intestinal lining is primarily just muscle and skin (type 1 collagen). Collagen is like the band aid for a leaky gut. For my arthritis clients, I use collagen a lot – it helps alleviate joint pain symptoms; also boosts energy and helps build muscle mass, therefore reduces fat/cellulite and cleanses the liver (a lot of people go on bone broth fasts). While most are using it for their skin, hair and nails; if their digestive system is compromised, it will help in sealing the gut as well (glycine) reduces GI inflammation and aid digestion.

Aging naturally causes collagen to decline, and does a diet high in sugar and the wrong fats (Indian diets specially with refined oil).

Does adding it to the diet help? Sure it will, but f you are doing the required amounts of protein in your diet you may not need it

  1. Choose one that is a pure collagen protein powder hydrolyzed collagen or collagen peptides. Hydrolyzed collagen is suppose to have an absorption rate of 90% compared to 20% or so from foods
  2. Don’t use one with added flavourings
  3. Check for ‘credibility’ of the brand, see product reviews before buying.
  4. There are types of collagen to choose from Type I: Important t heal wounds, and tissue repair; Type II: Builds cartilage; Type III: Gives skin elasticity; Type IV: Important for tissues that surround organs (with muscle and fat; Type V: Makes up a woman’s placenta (tissue/hair); Type X: New bone formation

Get collagen via food –

Cooked via a bone broth (which also has gelatin; also repairs GI tract, helping with food sensitivities and allergies) or vegan one broth, check my next blog for both recipes.

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