What is the best Alcohol to consume? 

Please understand alcohol is carbs. While, we lean on it to loosen us up (energy upward and expansive) to take the edge-off on a stressful day or to bond with friends; especially during the festival season. 

Straight alcohol (carbs) can be monitored, if you don’t add stuff to it that makes it high on sugars. Therefore, the key is to make smart choices on the mixers you add to them. Use water, then soda in terms of preference. Try staying away from tonic water, sprite, colas etc. 

Mix with water, lime juice or a soda (in that order) stay away from fruit juices, which increases the sugar load. Vodka has 96 calories per 1.5 ounces. Adding soda does not add to calories, but it does nothing for you on a nutritional front. While lime juice added has a benefit of Vitamin C, so will neutralize some damage of the alcohol. 

Red wine
It has 122 calories in 1 glass, so use that principle to moderate intake (plus if you are watching your carbs intake 3.5 grams of carbs). Red wine does have some nutritional value, as it is packed with iron, potassium and magnesium. And many antioxidants specifically resveratrol. They tend to increase HDL cholesterol (high-density lipoprotein) that is the good cholesterol and protect against a build-up of bad cholesterol. But studies have not been conclusion. Moderate amounts of all alcohol help with heart health. 

Beer is loaded with carbs, so I would stay away. The ‘beer belly syndrome’ is not the result of beer alone (unless you do it daily); but a symptom of excessive fat around the abdomen. Visceral fat, that is organ fat. This fat comes from eating sugary foods, junk and too much of white sugary foods. If you are an everyday drinker and the average calories from 1 beer is 150, it builds up around the waist over time. Beer will also interfere with the liver, and prevent you from burning fat, as it focuses on burning the alcohol. 

Whisky- Personally I love a good single malt. Coming from the Gaelic word “uisage beatha” and meaning “water of life.” Its low carb, if had in moderation. A single shot is 64 calories only. It has ‘ellagic acid, an antioxidant that will neutralize cancer-causing free radicals. It has more antioxidants than red wine .It has blood thinning properties, so a daily dose of it prevents clots and is a good prevention against strokes. It is a digestive, a moderate amount keep insulin actually in control.

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