Why has the ‘fasting’ buzz taken over our health journeys today? You’ve heard about the benefits from losing weight, to re-setting you blood glucose levels and boosting your immune system. FMD follows the principles of fasting, in that you deprive your body of calories.

How does FMD work?

  1. Instead of eliminating all food for a set period of days or weeks, you restrict calories for 5 days of the month – can be done once a month
  2. During day 1 calories get restricted to 1100 and the remaining 4 days to 800 calories
  3. What you eat and their ratios is important: e.g., In 1100 calories – 34% (47% on 800 calorie days) should be carbs, 10% (9% on 800 calorie days) protein and 56% (44% on 800 calorie days) from fat
  4. Avoid alcohol, caffeine
  5. Do not do vigorous exercise during these 5 days
  6. Better done in warmer weather

Benefits of The Fasting Mimicking Diet (FMD)

  1. Will lower your cholesterol
  2. Brings down inflammation
  3. Will fix the insulin problem (over time)
  4. Improves the performance of your brain

The Indian tradition has proven the benefits of fasting over centuries, as does science in a study (with a limited sample size only 100 people). The FMD group did experience weight loss, drop in blood sugar levels, reduced inflammation and also cancer markers.

NOTE: Some pitfalls, so please work with a health practitioner and create positive attitude and thoughts if you are going to do it.

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